14 DIY tips to give your home a refreshing touch this monsoon

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14 DIY tips to give your home a refreshing touch this monsoon

While the first showers after summer will provide a much-needed respite from the sweltering heat, gloomy monsoon weather can dampen your spirits. If your home isn’t ready for the dreary weather it can bring, it can get gloomy, so now’s the perfect time to give it a facelift.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Bethliving Marketing Director Toby Thomas lists 4 DIY tips to refresh your home this monsoon:

1. Refresh your balcony— The balcony is the best place to shelter from the rain. You can easily add a little monsoon by adding some pots and bean bags to your balcony. Set aside a cute little table for books and coffee. To keep your home rust-free, stainless steel furniture is highly recommended.

2. Bringing old wine bottles back to life— Flowers and plants have a way of making a space feel upbeat and positive. Make use of vacant space with new vases, upgrade old wine bottles into flower pots, and decorate your home with stunning flowers for a fresh feel. This will bring freshness to your home.

3. Water Sensitivity of Household Furniture – During monsoons, humidity increases the risk of furniture deformation. It is best to choose furniture with zero or low water sensitivity. We will always recommend steel furniture as Four Seasons furniture.

4. Focus on windows – Freshness dissipates outside the window. There should be a place for a rocking chair or reclining chair. Curtains of contrasting colors or butterflies can be added to the windows as a decoration.

Paushika Gupta, founder, architect and interior designer of Paushika Gupta Architecture+Design, adds to her list of decorating tips this romantic season, recommending:

1. Outdoor setting – Create a visual treat in partially shaded areas like balconies or porches – just plant greenery and curate some rattan or leather furniture that is durable in nature. You can repaint a section or simply put a green rug to create the illusion of walking among the greens outside. Well, if your balcony is spacious enough, you can choose a nice lace swing that suits the mood. Brighten up the space with some low lighting schemes – this is sure to create an atmosphere to enjoy the rain!

2. Open Color Game- Since the weather outside was mostly gloomy, it made the house appear a little darker than usual. Using bright accents to accentuate dull areas may be the best option. A touch of green, ochre or fuchsia goes wild! Your monsoon palette can be applied to walls, upholstery, wall decor and even rugs and cushions. Curtains in a room can create interesting patterns – setting a table top theme with interesting pieces can also add interest to your sight.

3. Large screen—— What a show to welcome the monsoons as you relax and enjoy the view from inside the house. Large windows with clear glass panels allow us to enjoy the rain washed views. Use a work-from-home setup close to your neighborhood to customize the scene, or accentuate the space with a beautiful armchair or swing. Add more visual delight by adding pastel linen curtains to windows or doors – picturesque!

4. Upholstery – Go all out and pick up some tropical and bold prints for your house decor – instantly beautify your home. Adding a vibrant color will instantly remove the blue, inhabited inside the house. It’s like breathing fresh air indoors! Make bright changes from the regular blues to lift the mood.

5. Embrace the corner – Enjoying the rain outside is the ultimate joyful feeling – if this is combined with some romance, probably no one will go outside! Find a space in your home and set up a nook – decorate it with some warm lights, a linen canopy and some fluffy cushions. In the season of love, DIY a cozy corner right now. Light some decorative candles together and add a little romance to the air!

Gabriel Gil, head of design and innovation at Bonito Designs, insists that interiors should be viewed holistically, suggesting that colors, textures and other elements should go hand in hand to give a sense of balance. He suggested:

1. Add Color – Vibrant colors will instantly lift your mood, especially during a downpour. Choose and collaborate with 3 color schemes that match your personality. A bold color for the wall behind the sofa, and another color for accent elements like the sofa/chair will add a touch of glam. The final color should be accessories. This three-color formula is fail-proof and can be used in any combination or theme and reflects your mood and personality.

2. Texture is your best friend— Use textures and patterns in different colors to brighten the room. However, consider your lifestyle before choosing textiles. If you have pets or children, darker shades work best compared to lighter shades. For a luxurious look, high-end silk curtains and pillows will exude elegance. If you have less sunlight in your home, choose sheer curtains and lighter shades to avoid making the room darker.

3. Focus on furniture—— When it comes to furniture, your sofa, coffee table, etc. are the larger accent elements, and the sofa is often the star of the living room. But if you can’t replace the sofa to complement your decor and walls, a cushion will work wonders to beautify the space.

4. Accessories and artwork – To make the colors in the living room more pop, you can add photos of your family or an artistic picture of your choice. You can also buy an ottoman or floor mat for accessories. In a bedroom, on the other hand, make sure the main element is the bed and the focus doesn’t shift from there.

5. Doors are underrated- The adage “the first impression is the best impression” is for good reason. Your door will impress visitors. While most doors come from condo/home contractors, you can change them or paint them to match your ambience.


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