15 Fun Facts About Cinco De Mayo You Probably Don’t Know (But Seriously Should)

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15 Fun Facts About Cinco De Mayo You Probably Don’t Know (But Seriously Should)

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you probably know what Cinco de Mayo means in English… May 5th.

But while the name of this Mexican-American holiday is mixed in with margaritas, enchiladas, and yes, a lot more, we should all realize that the day is more than an excuse for a fun night. more important. Out of town.

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What is the significance of Cinco de Mayo in a historical context? Why is it celebrated in Mexico and the US?

Dancing to traditional mariachi music, sipping tequila for practice without choking, and learning about the history of Cinco de Mayo requires learning some fun facts about Cinco de Mayo.

So here are 15 facts about Cinco de Mayo history to share with your friends and loved ones while celebrating Mexican-American culture in style.

15 Interesting Facts About Cinco de Mayo

1. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day.

Ask anyone what Cinco de Mayo celebrates and you might hear “two-in-one cervezas?” or “Mexican Independence Day”?


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