19 Best Neutral Bedroom Ideas and Color Schemes

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19 Best Neutral Bedroom Ideas and Color Schemes

like we are beautiful house Love bright colors, neutral bedrooms trump all other color schemes. Your bedroom is where you recharge and rest, so it’s best to use a nature-inspired earth tone or a calming cream in a calming setting. Whether you’re starting from scratch and need some help orienting your bedroom design, or you want to tone down your current space to reflect a softer, quieter, less hectic vibe, you’ve come to the right place. The future, straight from our favorites Get inspiration for 20 unisex bedrooms from designers.


modern sand and cement

Cement tile floors add an industrial feel to this bedroom by Akin Atelier, while loose linens, cream and sand accents feel laid back and beachy. Together, these colors evoke a misty morning by the sea.


grey-green and off-white

In this modern Mediterranean Revival bedroom, Sarah Solis uses dark gray-green and a rich, near-black red as her neutrals. While subtle, both accent colors bring a touch of vibrancy to an otherwise black and off-white bedroom. Framed photos bring color palettes together.


Minimalist dark green and burnt orange

In this case, the dark green is paired with a rich burnt orange as a neutral, showing only the essential items. Designed by Shapeless Studio, this bedroom strikes a great balance between urban sophistication and laid-back country style.


grey, light wood and white

Minimalism doesn’t have to be cold! In this farmhouse bedroom designed by British firm McLaren.Excell, the loft bedroom features plenty of warm wood and laid-back linens in a greyscale colour scheme for a casual, homey vibe.


cream and light grey

Here’s a more formal take on neutral bedroom design: Victoria Hagan employs plenty of textiles to soften and humanize the scale of the space. High ceilings bring drama, but the warm grey ensures it doesn’t feel plain or spongy.


deer and navy

The neutral bedroom at AP Design House features striking metal sculptures and chrome accents that create cool tones and contrast with warm neutrals. The rich layers of texture make it a comfortable and inviting place to rest while being modern and stylish.


clay and navy

In this eclectic bedroom by Heidi Caillier, the dynamic layers of prints, materials and styles give the impression of being unique and full of character. However, neutral, softer colors help keep the space from becoming too bold. The scheme of navy blue and rose clay is especially suitable for modern black decor and classic wooden furniture.


pale yellow and white

If you want to be lean but don’t want the sun, consider the cream method, like Annie Pine does in her New York City bedroom.


dark green

David Fraser adopts a moody and down-to-earth attitude in the bedroom of his New York City apartment. While the color (Studio Green from Farrow & Ball) is laudable, it’s also a textured finish that elevates walls. “We wanted to show movement in the plaster, so we painted the walls a satin finish,” he explained. “It provides a level of depth that we couldn’t achieve with flat paint.”


Coastal blue and white

In our book, sky blue is neutral everywhere, especially by the sea. This coastal bedroom by AP Design House features a preppy blue and white striped bedspread on the headboard. Rattan and braid are also great beach house staples.


brown and honey

This chocolate color is more vibrant and calming than it is, so if you’re looking for a saturated neutral, this is a great source of inspiration. Designer Fiona Lynch thinks Dulux’s Rich Biscuit color is perfect for the bedroom, especially when paired with alternative hues for eclectic elegance.


modern blue, black and white

In this master bedroom, designer Andy Beers of Ore Studios opted for a less saturated version of the colour used in the common room for a calm but continuous design. Crisp whites contrast with jet blacks and are held together by dark blue accents.


red and light grey

Red can be surprisingly neutral when paired with the right colors and materials. Tamsin Johnson Interiors uses a modern photo as a starting point for a color scheme.


black, white and grey

A wall-to-wall grey rug provides a soft landing spot for chilly mornings, and floor-to-ceiling steel and glass windows allow a forest view to set the scene in this Kathleen McCormick-designed bedroom. The mid-century monochrome details are also great for the architectural bones of the bedroom.


blue, ochre and grey

Philip Smith chose soft greys for the walls, then brightened the room with orange and blue bedding. Les Indiennes throws differentiated headboards.


black wood and white

For moody neutral decor, look out for this bedroom by Nicole Hollis. The dark stain of the wood along with the slate grey bedding and tin trim make this room sophisticated, stylish and calming.


Sage and Orange

“I wanted to create a bedroom that was full of character,” says designer Jae Joo of the master bedroom in this Boston townhouse. While classic and understated, the room is bursting with character thanks to the scaled-down photo gallery, curvy furniture, and colorful decor. Light gray walls look blue in some lights and green in others; either way, they’re a welcome departure from the white canvas that most bedrooms function.


sophisticated black and light grey

“I firmly believe that in a home, different rooms should evoke different feelings and purposes,” says designer Nanette Brown. The other rooms in this New York home are painted in deep, dark tones, while the bedroom is the opposite, despite the different colors. But each room exudes a sense of refined elegance and restraint.


lilac and white

Fuchsia bedding and artwork add a sweet and playful quality to this neutral and modern bedroom by Studio Robert McKinley.

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