4 Striking takeaways from Rajkummar Rao’s lavish Mumbai home

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4 Striking takeaways from Rajkummar Rao’s lavish Mumbai home

One of Bollywood’s most skilled actors, Rajkummar Rao is known for his original films, convincing performances and box office success. This incredible actor, who actually made his way to the top without any connection to the film industry or protection from any of Bollywood’s godfathers, finally managed to build his dream home. The National Award-winning actor, his partner Patralekha and their dog Gaga live in a palatial house in Mumbai. Rao’s Mumbai residence is located in Andheri’s Oberoi Springs neighborhood, a residential area and home to other famous Bollywood stars.

Here we bring you 4 key points of luxury residences in Rajkummar Rao.

1. Earth-toned color schemes for the living room

There are a variety of ways to give one’s home an “earthy” feel. Rao chose a contemporary style for his living space, although it could also be rustic and bohemian, minimalist, or have both modern and elegant design elements, depending on personal preference. The entire living area of ​​his home uses modern colours such as white, grey and ivory. Artwork on the walls lends a contemporary finish, which also includes a brown leather sofa, marble table and hardwood dining area for a decidedly classic feel.

2. Wall art ideas to refresh your space

If you want to experiment with your decor, Rajkummar’s use of walls provides an interesting blueprint. Thanks to the cast, there are paintings on the walls of every room in the house. Rao has subtly transformed the wall behind the stairs into an eclectic gallery by choosing three tall vertical paintings of attractive size. His home even includes wallpaper specifically designed to match the decor and add drama to the room.

3. View balcony

If you enjoy quiet time, we’re sure you’ll love the actor’s balcony. This is a distinguishing feature of the residence, which features a marble table and chairs suitable for peaceful mornings and calm evenings. A large Buddha statue is located in one corner, surrounded by flower beds, creating an ideal tranquil atmosphere. Rao turned his balcony area into a private haven by displaying vibrant Tibetan prayer flags and other objects, making it a focal point.

4. Eye-catching corners enhance home interiors

Corners are one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to creating beautiful home décor. Rao’s home has several of these alcoves filled with art. He has a unique wood sculpture in a corner of the living room, a dog wearing sunglasses. The actor’s dramatic collection of vivid illustrations is another noteworthy aspect of Rajkummar Rao’s residence. His living space has a plain white wall with a colorful grid that highlights characters and quotes from his favorite movies. Quotes from snippets of life are another great way to use walls in a fun way, and Rao experimented with them too.

In interior design, the actor has demonstrated the ability to imaginatively experiment with the decor of his home as well as furniture, artwork and accessories.

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