40 Best Halloween Party Themes for Kids and Adults in 2022

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40 Best Halloween Party Themes for Kids and Adults in 2022

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Are you having a Halloween party this year but don’t know which direction you want to go? Halloween party themes and ideas are easier to execute when you have photos to look for inspiration. Once you’ve chosen your theme, you can get creative with DIY decorations, Halloween games and party treats.To help you start throwing the perfect spooky season bash, we’ve collected best halloween party themes.

Before choosing a theme for your Halloween party, it may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want your Halloween theme to be wonderful, cute or spooky?
  • How old are your guests?
  • How many guests will you have?
  • What types of events will you have at your party?
  • What type of food will be served?
  • Do you want every guest to leave with a party favor or goodie bag?
  • Most importantly, should your guests come in full costume?

    With these factors in mind, it’s time to plan. Remember: if you’re inviting a group of kids, you’ll want to make the decor fun and attractive—not too intimidating. Of course, you can still have the holidays, but try to minimize panic or they’ll have nightmares. If you just let the adults come over, you can raise the fear factor. Try turning your home into a haunted house or play a horror movie on the big screen. If you will have attendees of different ages, you can have different sections and different decorations and activities to suit everyone.

    Here are 40 Halloween party-themed ideas that will seriously up your celebratory game this October.

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One way to bring a “dead” party to life is to display the coffin as a decoration. We love these because you can open them up to show off a fun treat — or trick.

Obtain DIY Paper Coffin Tutorial in Leah Griffith.


Halloween Costume Contest

Hosting an outdoor party? Use fall tones to make a handy sign so your guests know exactly where each activity is going.

Obtain DIY Fall Ombre Sign Tutorial Happy to make.

Doing things differently, it’s also fun to celebrate Halloween with a breakfast or brunch party. Plus, those who trick or treat later will be ready for the rest of the afternoon. Serve your guests these bagels designed with weird edible characters!

Obtain Fun and Creepy Halloween Bagel Recipe In cute indeed.

Throwing a party for your friends who also happen to be mad scientists? Serve drinks in test tubes and beakers to showcase your subject well.

Obtain Beaker and Test Tube Tutorial In cute indeed.

Speaking of mad scientists…if you decorate the mugs with a little chocolate, some stickers, and a green drink, a Frankenstein party is easy. Think: matcha or mint chocolate chip ice cream, or just add green food coloring to vanilla ice cream for a themed shake.

Obtain Easy Frankenstein Halloween Milkshake Recipe Eat repetition in design.

This may not be the easiest theme to implement, but once it’s done, turning your home into a haunted house can be very rewarding. Don’t forget to have some friends play monsters who will jump out and attack them as they walk by. Sound effects also add to the creepy feeling.


halloween coloring party

Got a group of 5-year-olds just learning to color within the lines? Coloring parties do sound like a lot of fun, not to mention how easy it is to plan.

Obtain Downloadable Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids Made with joy.

If your kids love to hunt for Easter eggs, you can bring the same activity to Halloween. Instead of putting plastic eggs inside, you can stick these white ghosts on candy and hide them around the house, either indoors or out. Don’t forget to provide each child with black lights (you can buy or DIY!) to identify their loot.

Obtain Black Light Halloween Candy Hunt Tutorial DIY in the studio.

Shop Black Light Flashlights

Not many people can pull off the intricate look of a Day of the Dead costume, but it’s still a theme we love! Day of the Dead (a festival celebrated mainly in Mexico) is a celebration of life and death, mixing horror with beauty.

Here are the most prolific Netflix shows to date: squid game. set some squid game-In your backyard for this shindig event. Just make sure to tell your guests to either dress up as defenders or players.

who doesn’t love This X-Files? Dress up as Scully, Mulder, or creepy aliens or monsters from beloved 90s shows. This alien-themed drink adds a touch of whimsy.

Obtain Alien Invasion Cocktail Recipe Made with joy.

How amazing would it be if you had every guest at your Halloween party dress up as a character? Harry Potter? You can then watch a movie during the binge and even have guests act out their characters.

Girl mom, it seems like you don’t have enough unicorn parties in your life. If your little one wants to turn Halloween into a unicorn party, it can be done with a little DIY magic.

Obtain halloween unicorn print See Vanessa Craft.

If your kids are still in the age to love princesses, this Halloween princess party is your best bet. After all, your child and her or his friends will probably all be wearing princess outfits. You might as well make it a theme!

While some people find clowns extremely creepy, a Halloween party where everyone dresses up as a clown is fun and creepy—depending on who you ask.

remember the movie, Eye-opener? There is a masquerade in the movie.Although you will not have That A kind of party, a milder version might be really fun for you and your grown friends.

Come as your favorite team’s mascot or just as your favorite animal. The only rule of this party theme is that your outfit should be completely enclosed and no one can tell you who you are.Then, you can do a game of guessing who is who – or even have a masked singerkaraoke contest! Of course, you can always take your costume head off a bit if it gets too stuffy.

Girls love fairy clothes. Flowers, leaves, wings – that’s pretty much everything you need to accomplish a fairytale theme.

Obtain DIY Kids Fairytale Costume Tutorial in Leah Griffith.

The flower crowns are easy to remove and coordinate with your regular clothes. This is a great option if you want to go to a dress up party without getting all the attention. The best part is, ’70s fashion is so in vogue right now. Your friend probably already has a pair of flared pants in their closet.

Let’s do it… Carry a speaker with you, brush your hair, and put on a bodysuit. Then you’ll be ready for your ’80s binge. Your playlist can include songs from Bracelets, Go-Gos, and Debbie Gibson. Just don’t use cassette tapes or you’ll stop and change sides and hit play every hour. Tapes are one thing that can stay in the past.

Throwing a party for the kids? It would be so much fun to have a superhero party where everyone at the party chooses their favorite crusader. Will they be Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Panther? It’s the perfect party theme for kids 12 or younger.

If you’re not familiar, cosplay means “costume play”. But the main difference with this party theme is how fully your guests need to be in their costumes and characters. The goal of the game is to really make a difference. It’s like a method show, but for a party.

Choose a period long ago in history and tell your guests to choose clothes from that period. Offering period-appropriate food and decor to match the historic landscape really lets this theme shine.


scary movie watching party

The easiest Halloween party is one where you’ve been playing a horror movie all night. Let your guests vote in advance on their favorite horror movie, and don’t forget the popcorn. Between movies, you and your friends can discuss your hot topics.

Red lips, vintage hats and jewelry…who doesn’t love a gangster-themed party? Men can wear pinstripe suits, women can go Hollywood glam in pearls and fitted dresses – if you already have an LBD, you probably don’t need to work hard to find your outfit.

Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, and Blackbeard are just some of the many characters you can give your kids channels to channel for a pirate-themed Halloween party. Decorate your house into a haunted pirate ship and you’re ready to set sail.

bring the great Gatsby The 1920s period was known for flowy dresses, pearls and affluent living. If you need more creativity, look to Leonardo DiCaprio’s films for inspiration.

Just because it’s Halloween, that doesn’t mean every pumpkin has to be orange. Go beyond the traditional orange and black with a rainbow-themed party this Halloween.

Obtain Rainbow Holiday Wreath Tutorial Made with joy.

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