5 best interior design tricks to try out in Minecraft 1.19 update

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5 best interior design tricks to try out in Minecraft 1.19 update

Decorating a house or structure in Minecraft is just as important as building it. Depending on the player’s decorating skills, the interior can take various forms.

It takes time to develop personal interior decorating skills. New players need some time to learn decoration skills. Even veterans need to learn something as they figure out how to best use decorating techniques to suit their tastes.


Below, Minecraft players can find some helpful tips for their next interior decoration project. These tips aren’t ubiquitous, but they can certainly help curious players looking for help.

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Interior decorating with wooden barrels and 4 other tips in Minecraft 1.19

1) The type of block is very important

Different blocks can create great synergy (image via Minecraft.net)
Different blocks can create great synergy (image via Minecraft.net)

No block type should be ignored when decorating the interior of Minecraft. Even lesser-used blocks that aren’t entirely used for decoration can shine under the right circumstances. Different block colorings can be synergized and even contrasted in a visually appealing way.

Using a variety of wood blocks, wool and even craft blocks can create interesting interiors that will impress visitors and even the designers themselves.

Experimentation is the key to block diversity. Players can discover an almost infinite number of combinations by playing with different blocks in a given room.

2) The barrel is very good

In many cases, buckets are better than boxes (Image via VIPmanYT/Youtube)
In many cases, buckets are better than boxes (Image via VIPmanYT/Youtube)

While chests do a good job of storage in Minecraft, buckets are a great option. They perform the same function as chests, but do not require space above them to open properly.

Barrels also have a pleasing rustic aesthetic, making them perfect for mid-century interiors, storage areas and kitchens. They can even be used as cabinets if the player sets them aside. This makes them the main blocks that can be placed in different room types, no matter the theme.


3) Pattern your floor

Wood Floor Pattern (Image via Minecraft Furniture)
Wood Floor Pattern (Image via Minecraft Furniture)

Floors can fully integrate a room in Minecraft. That’s why players should find solid geometric patterns to bring a sophisticated feel to their rooms.

Due to their variety, stone and wood blocks are excellent at creating patterns. Variants further improve this, such as stripped logs and chiseled stone blocks, which have their own geometric textures on the surface.

Players can even find interesting patterns to take advantage of, inspired by the real world. Both classical and modern architecture are important sources of design inspiration.

4) The utility of the logo

Armchair using the logo (image via WonderHowTo)
Armchair using the logo (image via WonderHowTo)

Signs are great for marking specific areas in Minecraft, but that’s not their only purpose. For example, players can use the logo in some water elevator designs. In addition, armchairs and other furniture can be made using signs with oak blocks, such as stairs.

There are countless other applications for billboards that players might want to experiment with, as they can be placed on many different blocks, walls, and floors. Players can even use the text they place on the sign to their advantage.


5) Angles and corners of depth

Geometric window enclosure (image via Mojang)
Geometric window enclosure (image via Mojang)

There is no rule that houses, foundations and structures cannot have depth. A great way to achieve this indoors is to use angles and nooks to create nooks and crannies, rather than simply placing objects flush against the wall.

By increasing the geometric complexity of the room rather than simply adding rectangular shaped walls, players can create segmented areas without adding walls and doors.

A great way to build extra depth in a given room is to use slabs or stair blocks. Instead of letting the walls stand on their own, players can create decorations near roofs and floors, or create indents that lead into walls.

Even small additions can add dimension to any room the player desires. It also doesn’t hurt that players try and see unique designs they can come up with.

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