5 Best Outdoor Gazebos of 2022

by decwells
5 Best Outdoor Gazebos of 2022

If you’re looking for shelter for your deck, patio, or backyard, keep the following factors in mind:

✔️ style: For the canopy, you’ll see either a hard top or a soft top, with the hard top preferred for all-season use in areas with higher winds or inclement weather. Some gazebos are permanent fixtures attached to the ground, while others can be easily popped up and removed for easy storage when not in use. Some soft-top canopies also have removable canopies that can be removed during the off-season. Pop-up gazebos are usually made of lighter materials for easy portability, but at the cost of being generally less durable and stable.

✔️ Material: Depending on the structure and materials used, the gazebo will provide varying degrees of shade, weather resistance, ease of installation and versatility. For the frame, you’ll see many are steel or aluminum, as these materials are very durable, but there are also options for wood or vinyl frames. Most of the materials we reviewed were either naturally weather-resistant or had special coatings to help resist water, fading, and rust. It is important to review product instructions, use and care guides, and warranty information to ensure you are using and maintaining your gazebo properly.

✔️ size: When determining the right size for a gazebo, you need to consider where it will be installed and what you plan to do in its shade. For example, do you just want a shaded area to sit with friends and family, or do you use it for large dining events? You need to make sure that the area you choose is free of any physical obstacles and the ground is level. Many of the gazebos included here will require at least two people to assemble and install properly, although some instructions require teams of more than five people to help with installation.

✔️ shape: While shape is largely an aesthetic decision, there are some practicalities to consider when determining which shape is best for your home. Rectangular structures are generally easier to set up and larger in size to provide more space for coverage. Hexagons, octagons, and circles look classic, but it can be a little difficult to fit and mount items underneath.

✔️ Ground: In addition to ensuring a flat, clean space, you must also consider where the gazebo will be placed to ensure you can properly secure it when needed. Most gazebos don’t include a floor, so if you don’t like the ground you plan to use, you must also consider building or installing a flat surface.

✔️ Additional features: In the gazebos we reviewed, we noticed added features such as mosquito nets, double-roof designs, curtains, and anchors for hanging lighting.

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