5 Ideas To Make This Festival of Lights Greener

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5 Ideas To Make This Festival of Lights Greener

Diwali 2022 is almost here and as we continue our preparations for this festive season, we can’t avoid the mess that accrues to the planet every year. From the increase in pollution, and the abundance of waste, to the damage we do to the environment every year, the meaning this festival has carried for centuries is losing itself.

However, we have reached the years when we can reverse the damage of all these years with only a few changes that will not harm our fun but will definitely make our environment greener. And these small changes will also bring back the true meaning of this festival – to spread the light around us.

Here are no-nonsense ideas that you can adapt to make your Diwali 2022 greener.

5 ideas to make Diwali 2022 greener

DIY decoration ideas

Diwali is all about decorating your home to the best of your ability and bringing in brightness that mesmerizes the family as well. So instead of creating a huge pile of scraps from the decors that will soon be taken down, why not create something yourself with everything that is already available around you? Handmade decor and gifts can really add a personal touch and it’s never too late to start.

The internet has an abundance of eco-friendly decor ideas that you shouldn’t miss, so make the change and surprise everyone with your work!

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Light the Diyas

Diwali 2022 Ideas

One of the best ways to make a change this Diwali is to switch from decorative lights to diyas that will light up your home without wasting any excess electricity, which is a way to save energy. Go for simple terracotta diyas as they are a better option compared to the beautifully painted ones which are often toxic.

Besides saving energy, it’s also a great way to support the people who make these diyas, which in turn supports the economy and helps others have a happy Diwali too. So spread the happiness and leave those decorative lights behind.

Go Green with the Rangoli

Switching to biodegradable organic rangoli powder is a choice you won’t regret. You not only help to preserve the environment, but also open up a whole new list of color options for yourself. Using colored rice powder, turmeric, coffee powder and flowers of different colors will not only be pocket-friendly but also spread a beautiful floral fragrance everywhere.

Diwali 2022 Ideas
Diwali 2022 Ideas

Wrap that gift with newspaper

Moving on to the next type of waste we prefer not to avoid every year – wrapping paper. While it’s good to make those gifts look nice and mysterious, there are better options available, especially when you know the fate of these wrappers is to meet the trash. So when it comes to wrapping presents, why not go with newspapers?

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Newspapers can also make your gift look beautiful and with a little extra effort, the aesthetic they create can surpass even those hard to achieve with wrapping. So why not give this year a shot?

Fire shooters

Growing up, we always associated Diwali with the festival when we light a whole bunch of firecrackers that will light up the night sky. However, it is also one of the biggest problems in recent years due to the pollution it causes. And while we love blowing those colorful lights into the sky, we can’t ignore the damage they cause.

So we found the solution that can help us with this – eco-friendly coconuts. Yes, it’s a thing and it’s high time we switch from those pollution increases to the best substitute we can enjoy!

Diwali 2022 Ideas
Diwali 2022 Ideas

We hope you like the ideas on this list and have thought about making the change. Although it is not easy at first, it is definitely worth every bit for a safer and greener future.

Let us know which idea you liked best in the comments below! And have a happy and safe Diwali 2022.

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