5 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas From TikTok!

by decwells
5 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas From TikTok!


Reindeer, Yeti and Elves, Omg! Christmas is this weekend and your decorations haven’t come out yet? ! This sounds disturbing to me, but don’t worry! As always, TikTok users outfitted us with quick and easy last-minute DIY Christmas decorations to set up before your friends and family come over to celebrate. Come on, let’s go shop decoration!

First, we have a very nice and affordable Christmas decoration from TikTok user @averagebutinspired. Using some bottle brush trees, blocks, deer ornaments, artificial snow, and fairy lights from Dollar Tree, the end result is a stunning winter wonderland centerpiece that’s perfect for the table to enjoy at dinner with the family.

Next up is TikTok user @floralfay who gave us a beautiful DIY star decoration, perfect for hanging on the wall or ceiling, or even perfect for New Year’s Eve! Using only stiff paper, pens, scissors to cut and fold at precise points, glue and spray gold, it’s so clever, but I would never have thought of it!

Looking for something more complex? TikTok user @makeitwithmicah gave us just that! Using some supplies from Dollar Tree such as pool top foam, LED small candles, shower curtain rings, cardboard cups, glitter ribbon tape and a step-by-step process, we are left with absolutely gorgeous candles that are beautiful and perfect for photos!

What about the Christmas party? TikTok user @tannermmann shows us a DIY super creative and easy Christmas decoration to use on the table! Using nothing but a glass, a candy cane and a bag of Hershey’s kisses, it’s great for people to enjoy their treats as they pass by!

Last but not least, TikTok user @bre.pickett showed us a cute and perfect front door decor! Perhaps the simplest decoration to date, with just a red ribbon and red bow, she created a “door gift” that’s actually pretty clever! I must try this next year!

So, what are you waiting for? ! Let’s get our home festive before Christmas! Of course, Merry Christmas to everyone, and good night to everyone!

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