6 Festive Dollar Store Hacks From TikTok To Try If You Suck At Decorating (VIDEOS)

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6 Festive Dollar Store Hacks From TikTok To Try If You Suck At Decorating (VIDEOS)

If you’re in the festive mood but don’t know how to decorate, TikTok has a bunch of dollar store tips that can help your space look cheerful and bright.

Frugal shoppers already know that Dollarama and Dollar Tree are the best places to get some serious deals, but there’s also so much you can piece together that it looks like they cost a lot more than they actually are.

TikToker MJ Thomas (jinkybinky) shows how to make a super elegant sparkling Christmas tree using decorations, simple plates and hot glue.

They piled the spherical baubles into smaller and smaller circles until they reached the peak of the festival, like a pine tree.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can wrap some fairy lights around the whole thing!


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TikToker tanyam1277 shares an easy way to create a fun wreath without breaking the bank.

Using the wonder of hot glue, they stick to the nifty gadgets and bow down to what looks like a plant stand. The end result really looks like something that could be sold in a fancy store.


First time trying the dollar store garland! ! ! #diy #dollarstore #chritmas #tistheseasontobejolly #wreath #fyp #fypshi #craft

RayGun Gil (raygungil) also made a festive wreath and some really hilarious comments.

“Well, it happened. I’ve seen enough of these GD Christmas dollar store-made TikToks to want to try one myself,” she said.

While she noticed she could have gone out and bought a wreath, she said she was delighted with how her plastic plates, decorations and OCD came together to form her creations.


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Alexandrea Elaine, known as alexxandreaelaine on TikTok, shares how to make an impressive $10 DIY decoration using Dollar Tree.

She attached three jars to the foam board and brought it all to life with some garlands, ornaments, bows and votives. So festive and fun!


Items needed: Foam board, 4 Styrofoam rings, 3 jars, 15ft garland, berry bouquet. Ornaments, bows and votive candles – $1 each ♥️🎄 #christmasdiy #dollartreediy #christmastiktok

If you want to carve a landing path for Santa, try louisianawoman1’s craft to guide the happy guy straight to your home.

She took a strip of pool noodles, wrapped it in white tape, and stuck a big silver ball on it. Then she took it outside, tapped a stick into the ground, and slid the noodles onto it. very simple!


☃️☃️☃️ Last year’s repost…$4 Christmas mint sticks / North Pole #Christmas #christmasdecor #dollartree #diy #crafts #thehardertheyfall #candycane

If you want to make a simple and festive oversized ornament, try this tutorial from oliviasromantichome.

All she did was pick up a kid’s bouncy ball and put a cute holiday hat on it, tied with a headband.

She points out that you can stop there entirely, but if you want to go a step further, you can glue on baubles and bows. Lovely!


DIY Dollar Tree Sweater Ornament ♥️🎄 #dollartree #dollartreediy #christmas #FlauntItChallenge

Happy decorating, Canada!

If you’re looking for more general decorating tips, TikTok also has some great dollar store tutorials. From pretty DIY vases to making a patio table for just $7, people can get creative!


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