7 Home Decor Mistakes Making Your Space Look Dated

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7 Home Decor Mistakes Making Your Space Look Dated

Trends come and go, but decorating style can be maintained with the right upgrades.For example, modern farmhouses outlive many Home Decor Trends More than ten years (RIP cheesy boho) even inspired a similar branch cottage core and coastal grandmother, proving that we will forever be obsessed with all things clean and comfortable.Milwaukee-based interior designer Anna Franklin Stone House Collective Help us refresh the look with a few dos and don’ts… Also, check out our style reminders to keep your home decor in focus.

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #1: Walls painted in outdated colors.

Millennium pink, orange, buff, violet and bright red are out, while more earthy tones are on the way, like this beautiful statement wall painted by Franklin and team Shade tree planted by Sherwin Williams. It adds a moody vibe that feels rich and modern, albeit farmhouse style.

bedroom design

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #2: Using typographic logos instead of artwork.

Rustic typographic signs allude to farmhouse decor of the past. “While once a staple element of farmhouse decor, printed signs are replaced with beautiful artwork depicting rural landscapes. In addition to being more chic, these pieces will add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral aesthetic,” says Franklin.

coffee table view

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake 3: The decoration lacks authenticity.

DIY farmhouse decor, like antique window panes with barbed wire or mason jars glued to distressed barn boards, can be a little too rustic. “Instead, choose vintage antiques with a rustic touch,” says Franklin. Look for high-quality cream vintage rugs; handcrafted weathered pottery; and solid wood furniture. “Make a statement and feature authentic solid wood farmhouse dining tables made from exposed wood. These dining tables are often the stars of the space and will age beautifully over time,” adds Franklin.

farmhouse modern

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #4: Disorganized.

A well-designed home, no matter the style, feels as good as it looks when the room is clean, comfortable, and uncluttered. Cut down on the basics, then add warmer features like rustic consoles and earthy lights. For toys and items that always end up in ways that don’t belong to them, buy natural baskets and containers that fit your style.

entrance design

Mistake #5: Your entry didn’t get the love.

First impressions are important.Give you entryway a little love wooden console tableeye-level modern mirrors, durable rugs and simple accessories such as vases with branches, small containers for keys and items, and coffee table books.


Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #6: Plants look a little sad or overgrown.

Plants large and small can help fresh airAnd bring the outdoors in, ultimately bringing the room to life. Be selective and consider scale. These plants play a subtle and decorative role in an idle office – the perfect place for clear thinking and productivity. Plants to look out for include olive trees, oaks, buttercups, snake plants, and calathea.

living room design

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #7: Not having symmetry and balance.

multiples like these twins accent chair Add symmetry to the design and make the room feel more balanced. A rug large enough to touch all the furniture while adding a balanced, cozy vibe can also make a big difference.

Finally, add a personal touch to make your home feel like you (instead of following the latest IG decorating manual). Bring your favorite books, art and personal memorabilia (travel souvenirs, family photos, etc.) that give you all the senses to build a house, farmhouse or other place, a home.

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