8 amazing DIY decoration ideas for your bedroom

by decwells
8 amazing DIY decoration ideas for your bedroom

8 amazing DIY decoration ideas for your bedroom

January 10, 2020, 12:05 am
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The bedroom is a sacred and special place, and you spend so much time in there.

Most importantly, it is the place where you rest and relax. Therefore, the task of decorating it should be taken seriously.

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or want to give your current bedroom a makeover, here are 8 creative do-it-yourself (DIY) decorating ideas for your bedroom.

Floral Letters and Crochet Pillow

Flower letters: This one is a great DIY bedroom idea for teenagers. Buy large wooden letters that spell out your desired name/phrase and glue artificial (but beautiful) flowers to their surface. Hang on the wall.

Crochet pillow: Add a crochet pillow to your bed/living room to add a cozy touch to your bedroom. You can use either a neutral shade or a bright, colorful yarn.

Hanging terrarium and hanging cabinet

Storage is key, so go for hanging bedroom decorations.

Hanging terrarium: Buy a plastic/glass terrarium and fill it with a variety of plants. Tie a sturdy string to it and hang it in your bedroom for a cool and airy feel.

Hanging cabinet: Show off your clothing collection with a hanging closet. Tie string to a long wooden branch to make a handy hanging cabinet.

Wall plants and Bookshelf

Wall plants: Plant boxes on the table are cliché. For a modern touch, buy square pots, paint them with attractive colors and nail them on the wall as you like.

Bookcase: If you want a small bookshelf in your bedroom, mount two brackets on one of the walls and stack all your favorite books on it. Very easy!

Mason Jar lights and wire lantern

Mason Jar Lights: Get hold of some Mason jars and put in lights of your choice. Decorate them in a row or hang them, as you like.

Wire lantern: Blow up a balloon, wrap cotton/wool yarn around it until you get the desired pattern. Once done, pin the balloon. Place lights in the lantern and hang where you want.


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