A new ‘Home’ for decorating ideas opens in Sutton’s Manchaug Village

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A new ‘Home’ for decorating ideas opens in Sutton’s Manchaug Village

Sutton – The façade of this old stone building still has rings used to tie the reins of horses.

Inside, there are arches from the days when part of the building was used as a Catholic church.

Over the years, the building at 356 Manchog Road has served as a market, post office, social hall and Catholic church.

Since its completion in the 1800s, the building on the hill overlooking Manchog Village and the Black Rock River has served many uses, from the aforementioned church to municipal offices and a grocery store.

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Today, it is the new home of home design retailer District V House.

Owner Janice Burke was born and raised in Worcester’s 5th Ward and spent most of her adult life as an interior designer. She decided to start a home improvement retail website, combining her love of design with “all things home”.

“I looked around Worcester” to find the right spot, Burke said. After some research, she found what she was looking for – plenty of space, parking, “a really nice location”.

District V House owner Jamie Burke decided to combine her experience in interior design with merchandise from local suppliers.

History of the location

According to the Sutton Historical Society, the Manchog Company store building at 356 Manjog Road was built around 1868 by the BB & R. Knight Company, the world’s largest private cotton manufacturer as reported by the New York Times. 20th Century).

View of the center of the village of Manchaug with shops on the right.

The building housed a general store and market at various times, a village library, a post office, in addition to being used as a meeting and polling station.

All of the granite granite used in Manchaug’s construction was mined in the Manchaug area near the Whitins and Putnam Hill roads.

The Community Hall on the second floor holds 300 people and hosts plays, musicals, dances and other community gatherings.

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