Amazon is selling PlayStation 5 console bundles for $894

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Amazon is selling PlayStation 5 console bundles for $894

The PlayStation 5 is back on sale in Australia. For a limited time, you can save almost $30 on console bundles at Amazon.

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<p>This is not a drill.  For a limited time you can buy the PS5 <em>Horizon Forbidden West</em> console bundle at Amazon for $894.</p>
<p>That works out to a savings of $29.95 compared to if you bought the game and console separately.</p>
<p>In addition to the PlayStation 5 console (which is still notoriously difficult to purchase), the bundle comes with the third-person action-adventure game <em>Horizon: Forbidden West</em> and unique Horizon-themed packaging.</p>
<p>Here is the link to buy:</p>
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Forbidden West get the story out Zero Dawn. A terrible blight threatens to cause worldwide famine. Aloy must continue to fight against the iconic, beastly machines of Zero Dawn as she tries to learn more about the existential threat to humanity. Players will explore a wide variety of biospheres in the states of California, Nevada, and Utah, including valleys, deserts, and snowy mountains.

Players were also promised the appearance of recognizable yet post-apocalyptic landmarks, including San Francisco and Yosemite Valley. The open world action RPG we first fell in love with returns. Exciting new additions include underwater exploration and improved melee and climbing mechanics.

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