CB2 Introduces Art Patron, A New Collection Developed in Partnership with Portia de Rossi’s General Public

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CB2 Introduces Art Patron, A New Collection Developed in Partnership with Portia de Rossi’s General Public

CB2’s Art Patrons series stems from their shared vision of making fine art accessible to all, bringing 57 contemporary and archival works to CB2’s growing catalog of art products. Contemporary works push boundaries through a range of styles and mediums, showcasing the breadth of the art world, while archival works include traditional-style still lifes and portraits, all sourced from renowned museums and legendary flea markets around the world.

“Art is a defining addition to the family, and over the past few seasons we have steadily increased the range and quality of our product assortment,” said CB2 President Ryan Turf. “Our new partnership with General Public’s Art Patron will bring Our offering takes it to the next level, allowing our clients to discover exciting pieces for their home through expert curation in a variety of styles.”

Curated exclusively for CB2 by the Founder and CEO of General Public Portia de Rossi In collaboration with Creative Director Slater Herman, this new collection features photography, reproduction prints and Art Patron’s know-how: Synograph– The only printing process on the market that faithfully reproduces each artist’s unique brushstrokes. The result is a fully textured canvas with all the details and nuances of the original artwork.

“As an art lover and collector, I became fascinated with the concept of finding and sharing great work,” says Portia de Rossi“Our focus on thoughtful curation and dedication to new printmaking techniques is redefining the way we collect art, so we were naturally drawn to work with CB2, a company that pushes boundaries in the contemporary design world. famous brand.”

Favorite Highlights

  • As part of this partnership, contemporary artists will receive royalties from sales of their prints – an auspicious starter for the client’s journey to becoming an art patron. Proceeds from the sale of archival works will be donated to the Rijksmuseum.
  • The new catalog divides the exclusive artwork into four groups – coloured, monochrome, warm and cool – allowing customers to experience art in their unique spaces.
  • The series is the first time General Public has produced work by a non-contemporary artist, using Synograph technology to preserve this historic art and make it available to new audiences.
  • Archived works in this category from Paris flea markets and antique shops Europeand a partnership with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Art Patron by General Public Collection Now Exclusive cb2.com Prices from $499 to $2,799.

About CB2

CB2 is changing the way today’s modern consumer thinks about home design by delivering achievable, high-quality, sophisticated design. The brand is the destination for today’s timeless and avant-garde home collections, creating furniture and décor that inspires creativity and expresses individuality through eclectic products and decorating ideas.In addition to being a leader in online retail, CB2 is also expanding its brick-and-mortar footprint and now has 24 locations worldwide U.S. and Canada.CB2 is part of Crate & Barrel Holdings, which is owned by the Otto Group, a US-based global retail and services group. Hamburg, Germany. For more information visit cb2.com or follow us Instagram or pint.

About Volkswagen

Mass Art Patron founded in Portia de Rossi, he believes that the choice of art should be expanded from one-dimensional, art micro-jet and poster printing to more textured three-dimensional works, including the influence of current art market trends. CB2’s series of curatorial art patrons uses breakthrough technology to bring fine art beyond the gallery. The collection spans the work of contemporary artists and archival museum pieces – like an extensive group show or exhibition, but you can actually live with it every day.
It’s a new way of art. Become an art patron.

Media Contact: Alana Hallett, [email protected]



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