Circus Electrique Preview: A Strategic Steampunk Circus

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Circus Electrique Preview: A Strategic Steampunk Circus

Upcoming Tactical RPG Circus Power is an eclectic new game genre that combines turn-based combat with tycoon gameplay elements in a steampunk setting.The game is the latest from Hungarian developer Zen Studios, which has made turn-based games in the past, such as fear of sailing and Opera: The Stolen Sun.screen rant For the purposes of this article, attended the preview event and received a special demo copy of the game.

Inspired by games such as darkest dungeon and Iratus: Lord of the Undead, Circus Power Players will engage in tactical strategy alongside circus management and an engaging story. Circus Power It takes a more narrative-based approach than other tactical games, and there’s a lot of real history behind its concepts. The developers revealed that while looking for design inspiration, the team came across a collection of turn-of-the-century circus posters that greatly inspired their aesthetic approach.This is combined with a study of the origins of the steampunk genre such as the 1868 title steam man of the prairie Inspired the game to set another timeline in London 1899, one of which is called “spark“leading to faster technological progress.

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This unique spin on the steampunk video game stars Amelia, a journalist who sets out to tell the story of Circus Electrique’s reopening. After Amelia’s mother was killed in a tragic event 10 years ago, her foreman uncle hosted a grand event that culminated in the lighting of an electrical pylon called the Pillar of Power. After a while, the people in the crowd went crazy and attacked those around them. This event, called “maddening“is the core conflict Circus PowerFor unknown reasons, “Crazy” doesn’t seem to affect the circus performers who have no choice but to protect the innocent from harm. Amelia doesn’t fight herself, but is always accompanied by her blind lion Leonidas, which can be used for special combat moves.

Circus Electrique battle sequence.

During battle sequences, players will always have a team of four Circus Powerthere are many of them darkest dungeon– Style game quality. Players can unlock countless different classes throughout the game, starting with the clowns, strongmen, and flamethrowers at their disposal, followed by escape artists soon after. Each class has different moves that they can use in battle, and the available abilities are related to the warrior’s position in the 4 rows. Participants have a health meter and a dedication meter, the latter related to the warrior’s loyalty and accuracy, among other things. Players will fight steampunk-style foes like Mimes, Posh Girls, and Robobears, utilizing defensive and offensive moves, as well as moves designed to lower devotion – if an enemy’s devotion is too low, they’ll flee the fight, but the same goes for The performers are right.

Circus Electrique is a kind of hub in the game, containing different buildings where players can hire new performers, heal their characters and craft useful items.This is where the simulation game elements come in Circus Power Come in – When hiring new performers, players must consider the characters’ skills in combat and what they bring to the game’s day-to-day circus performances. Going to the Circus is a puzzle-solving take on the Tycoon mechanic, in which players must place performers in different interconnected roles, taking into account the performers’ own preferences. Each character has roles they like to play – such as the opening act or main act – and the types of performers they like and don’t like to work with.

Circus Electrique circus show puzzle.

Performers taking part in the show cannot participate in the day’s battle, so players must carefully weigh their options. While higher-level characters are more likely to meet the show’s system of audience expectations — including fun, excitement, surprise, and laughter — their absence will be felt during the day-to-day combat. As players progress, they’ll unlock new circus performances, earning them more monetary and material rewards that can be used to craft useful items at the artisan.Players can upgrade their characters and the circus itself Circus Power, And unlock many new classes in the game, such as knife thrower, magician, ventilator and snake charmer.

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Circus Power Form a satisfying loop of planned circus performances, explore the streets of London, and return to the circus to plan the next day. The final version of the game will contain 6 unique areas of London based on real geography for players to explore, and players can choose different paths on the map to reach the target destination. In the demo version of the game, players must fight all the way to the mysterious disappearance of London Bridge. In addition to combat, players will encounter loot boxes and “”mysterious event,“This can be anything from the decision to choose your own style of adventure to interactive mini-games.

Circus Electrique Mystery.

The world building elements in the game are very powerful, especially through the daily paper that is shown to the player every day: Illuminated Sound of London. The newspaper ran news about audience reaction to the Circus Electrique show, the circus’s finances, and articles covering The Maddening and providing more context to the gaming world. The newspaper also contains daily humorous ads promoting steampunk items like backpacking ovens, which is a fun addition that adds a little light to this rather dark story.

Circus Power Looks like a solid tactical RPG with some really interesting twists. Elements of circus management provide a whole new dimension to forming a team of fighters, and the game’s more narrative-focused nature is a welcome addition to a genre that typically only has light narrative elements.A unique steampunk world combined with grotesque circus music and creative characters has the potential to be in Circus Power Launching later this year.

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Circus Power It will be released on September 6th through Steam and the Epic Games Store for Xbox consoles, Playstation consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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