Courant Wireless Charger 2022: Shop the New MAG:2

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Courant Wireless Charger 2022: Shop the New MAG:2

The marriage between technology and interior design is becoming more seamless. As design enthusiasts, we want our accessories and fixtures to function and blend in with our aesthetic. Internet favorite brand Courant has always been focused on design-driven technology like its popular CATCH:3 wireless charging pad, which combines the idea of ​​a receptacle with a charging station (ingenious? we know).

With all that innovative thinking in mind, the brand recently introduced the MAG:2 wireless charging stand (a follow-up to the impressive MAG:1) that magnetically and vertically juxtaposes your iPhone alongside a space for your Apple AirPods to charge wirelessly underneath . Now you can enjoy FaceTime calls or prepare your latest recipe hands-free and in style.


The stand also allows you to easily rotate your phone from vertical to horizontal view. Once you start using it, you won’t be able to go back. The best part? MAG:2 is made with Belgian linen and Italian leather and comes in several neutral colors that are ideal for any space. From a creamy bone tone to sleek black, they’ll go well with anything. Plus, the MAG:2 is sure to make the perfect holiday gift, so go ahead and cross a gift off your list.

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While we completely understand​​​​that this can be an expensive purchase, all Apple users will get a lot out of it. It’s sure to become the ultimate daily essential and if you can’t get enough of everything cordless, browse the rest of Courant’s collection. From wireless charging with even just a single device starting at $40, you won’t be able to resist these form-to-function accessories. Finally, be sure to sign up for the email newsletter to get a extra 15% discount your first purchase, and check out all our picks below for more shopping inspiration!

Shop our Courant picks
MAG:2 Classics in Ash
Courant MAG:2 Classics in Ash
Credit: Courant
CATCH: 3 Essentials
Courant CATCH: 3 Essentials
Credit: Courant
MAG:2 Classics in Cortado
Courant MAG:2 Classics in Cortado
Credit: Stay Current
MAG:1 Necessities
Courant MAG:1 Essentials
Credit: Courant
MAG:2 Essentials in Natural
Courant MAG:2 Essentials in Natural
Credit: Stay Current
CATCH: 2 Essentials
Courant CATCH: 2 Essentials
Credit: Courant

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