Curate spaces that beat trends and stay evergreen

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Curate spaces that beat trends and stay evergreen

Spaces, especially homes, are a permanent part of our lives. Unfortunately, we often get caught up in a world of rapidly changing trends and end up with a space that can only please us temporarily. Instead, a space should be timeless and evergreen, serving you for a long time. To ensure you manage your space to stay evergreen, Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, lead designers and co-founders of a design studio, share some tips.

1. Prioritize functionality

The most critical aspect of any space is how user-friendly it is. Circulation should be smooth and furniture should be ergonomic.all elements

Should, at their crux, address the need for the purpose and use of the space, followed by its form and aesthetics.

2. Build a Neutral Shell

Using a subtle colour palette to design an evergreen space as a neutral shell and layering it through a variety of materials and textures is essential. It is ideal to use timeless materials such as cement, wood, stone, linen and rattan, which have been classics for many years and are making a comeback in different forms from a durability and aesthetic standpoint.This will ensure that the cocoon leaves plenty of opportunity for decorative creativity while maintaining a pleasing vibe

longer run time.

3. Be wary of seasonal trends.

Avoid temporal color and pattern trends in permanent elements of the space, which are sure to go out of fashion within a year. You can use them on elements like upholstery instead of a statement color or pattern on enclosures or furniture, which allows for quick changes.

4. Layer with meaningful pieces

Fill your space with pieces that have emotional value or that resonate with your inherent design aesthetic, rather than what you might see on a Pinterest board or on social media. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, art, or any type of accessory, invest in pieces that tell your story, picked from your travels or from exhibitions you happen to visit. All in all, create your space with trinkets you think you’ve loved over the years.

5. Born to win

Embellishing your space with houseplants and greenery has always been a classic and will continue to be for years to come. Blurring the lines between interior and exterior has always been welcome, especially in rapidly urbanizing areas. Green not only establishes a connection with the outside world, but also activates the space,

Add energy and vibrancy to an elegant and neutral space.


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