DIY decoration ideas to jazz up your home this Diwali

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DIY decoration ideas to jazz up your home this Diwali

Diwali is just a few days away. The festival of lights is not just about crackers, it is also about family bonding and unleashing your creative being within. Well, we totally agree that you are probably dealing with a lot of festive responsibilities like cleaning, preparing sweets, shopping and what not. And to add to that is ‘Diwali Decoration’. If you still need to work on the decorating part, don’t worry. Here’s our guide to some trendy and eye-catching ideas to make your lovely home look bright, that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

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If you prefer to keep it simple and chic, go for candles to light up your homes. All you have to do is spice up your plain candles by decorating them. There are many options to choose from.

Glue flowers and leaves onto a candle using a dab of stick-um. Make sure the flowers stay flat against the candle and then dip them in clear wax. Use flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors.

Take a mason jar and tape a wide side to cover it. Use laces of different designs and colors. Put a candle or some logs in it and light it. That’s it.

This is the simplest way to make diyas. You just need fruit peels maybe oranges and cut them creatively with zig-zag edges.

We all know that henna (mehndi) is considered auspicious and is used to beautify heads and feet, so let’s take a look at its uses. Use henna to decorate candles by making beautiful designs on them. This one is going to stand out for sure.

Most of us have shells at home. All we have to do is select some shells and give them a coat of fabric paint. Place a candle in the shell.

These candles give your home an incredible charm. Place a rubber band around the candle and then place cinnamon sticks under the rubber band. Wrap the elastic with a ribbon.

Let there be lights

Give the usual fairy lights a spin. Pair the lights with colorful paper cups. The show-stopping arrangement is a beautiful show.

Give your lovely home a much-needed artsy look by using balloon string lights. Blow up a balloon according to the size of your lantern balls. Cover the balloon with petroleum jelly. Take a bowl and add glue, cornstarch and hot water and mix it well. Soak the string in the mixture and drape it around the balloon. Allow the ball to dry for 24 hours. Pop up the balloon and spray the ball with spray paint. Once dry, put in the lights.

Ditch the traditional lantern and try some colorful glass jar lanterns. With old glass jars and a little creativity make beautiful glass lanterns. Add a splash of colors, glitter and your handmade glass jar lantern is ready. Place a candle or LED lights in it.

Take empty bottles that have been lying around your house forever. Put a string of light in the bottle and give your home some much-needed charm.


Rangoli designs made by colored sand, flour or flowers have its own grace, but for those who cannot make time out of their busy schedule, rangoli can be tried on cardboard or wooden molding boards. So, no hustle and bustle daily. You can either use a cardboard or a wooden board, paint it and decorate it with stones, mirrors, beads and kundan. You can also use scrap items to create a wonderful piece of art. It is portable and reusable.

Living toran

Give a warm welcome to your guests with a vibrant toran made from old greeting cards, craft paper, glitter and beads. Make paper flowers and leaves and tie them

Glittering diyas

The festival of light is incomplete without diyas. If you don’t want to opt for candles and want to go the traditional way. Get earthen diyas and decorate them with glitter, paint and beads.

Quick dressing change

It is the most used way to decorate the house. You will be surprised to know how a simple upholstery can make your home bright and beautiful. Choose fabrics with funky color combinations, embroidery and contrasting neon.

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