DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home for the Festival

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DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home for the Festival

If you see lights all around while taking a stroll, it’s no surprise that Diwali time is here. From cleaning the house to redesigning the interior, everyone is busy making their home look as perfect as it can be on the occasion of Diwali.

The preparations are in full swing across the country as people are busy shopping – home items, decorative pieces, gifts and stocking up the kitchen. The festival has a lot of significance as it not only illuminates the land but brings people together to celebrate the light over darkness.

Amidst the hectic schedule of the preparation, people love to decorate their homes with beautiful lights, flowers and artistic designs. However, our budget and time do not always allow us to go out and buy that expensive piece of decor. So, here are some of the DIY decorations that you can use for your homes this Diwali:

1. Paper cup lights

Take some paper cups that you have at home, wrap them with beautiful colored papers and paint some beautiful designs over the cups. Make a wreath by connecting the cups along a string, with the cups facing down. Now make a small hole at the bottom of each cup and insert the bulbs or LED lights into the hole. You can hang these extraordinary designs on the sides of the door or windows.

2. Wine bottle lights

Make this simple bottle lamp decoration just by collecting some wine or glass bottles. Clean the surface of the bottles of any stickers and place the LED lights or fairy lights in the bottle. It’s a pretty quick and fancy decoration, especially if you’re short on time. Place the decorated bottle anywhere in the house and the room will look fascinating. Use a stick to put the lights in the bottle. You can paint and design the glass bottle for more beautiful designs.

3. Pot lights and Pot candle stand

Collect some empty glass bottles and paint or design with colors and glitters. Add some fairy lights and tie a rope noose around the neck of the jar. Hang them from the ceilings of your home. You can also design the glass bottles with glitter and put a diya or a candle in them to create sparkling jar lamps or fancy candle stand. The use of laces of different designs and vibrant colors will make it a simple yet elegant decoration piece.

4. Floating candles or flowers

Create the floating candles as the centerpiece of your home decor. Take some decorated bowls and fill them with water. Put some floating candles in it. Add some flowers and glitter to embellish the decor. Put these decorated bowls in different places of your home which will give a wonderful look to your home. Paint rangolis around the bowls to add more colors to the decor.

5. Paper Toran

Paper made toran will last longer than fresh flower toran. Paper toran is more beautiful than plastic toran. You can add bells, pearls and others at the end of the toran to make it more festive. A toran is usually hung at the entrance door as part of the celebrations.

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