DIY Winter Solstice Party Decorations To Make The Dark Hours Magical

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DIY Winter Solstice Party Decorations To Make The Dark Hours Magical

The Winter Solstice takes place this year on December 21st, which is the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun will be tilted farthest away from us. On the other hand, more hours of darkness just means more time to party it up. The Winter Solstice is a perfect excuse to get your friends together to celebrate the astronomical start of winter. You can have a girls night with your crew watching movies or baking festive holiday treats. No matter what you do, you need some DIY Winter Solstice Party Decorations to really make your party glow.

Outside, your window will be very dark, but inside, your party will be all lit up with decorations. In fact, many places celebrate the Winter Solstice with lantern festivals and by lighting the night with candles. You can add some colorful lantern decor to your party to really make it glow, but you can also add some decorations to celebrate that winter is here, and you’re all about it.

If you need some DIY inspo, here are 10 Winter Solstice decorating tutorials that are super easy to follow. Before you know it, you’ll have a winter wonderland in your apartment ready for an epic solstice celebration with your closest friends. Winter is here, and we hope yule have a great one.

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This YouTube video contains not one, but eight different tutorials on how to make festive and inexpensive winter decorations. The shiny snowman is perfect if you have a scarf that you no longer wear and want to give it a second life in your home.


Winter Wonderland candle holders

To welcome even more light into your party, here are some more candle holder DIY tutorials. When it’s dark and gloomy outside, you can never have too much light, right? Set the winter scene with small evergreen trees, and you can find some beautiful iridescent beads to string along the sides.

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This video highlights several really beautiful winter wonderland decorations, but the snowflake wreath is seriously meant for your Winter Solstice party. When it’s too cold and dark outside, but you still want snow glittering all around, you can bring it inside.

Sets of snowflakes are easy to find on Etsy, and the wreath will look magical hanging on your wall. You can even use it to provide a nice backdrop for a Winter Solstice photo booth.

These flower lanterns are so beautiful that no one would guess that they used to be paper cups. You’ll need cups to serve drinks to your party guests anyway, so it’s only fitting to buy a few extra sleeves to make these gems. LED battery-powered lights can be purchased at Target, and since we’re so close to Christmas, you might be in luck with a rockin’ deal or two.


A Shadowbox Winter Frame

This DIY decoration is so simple. All you need to complete this project is a shadow box from a craft store like Michaels, which you can then decorate however you like. The glistening fake snow thrown in gives it a winter wonderland feel. You can also reuse this shadow box for every other season, depending on what you put in it.

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Many celebrations of The Winter Solstice involve some variation of burning a yule log, so having a yule log is a must for your Winter Solstice party.

It will serve as the perfect centerpiece for all of your delicious Winter Solstice themed snacks, and it’s so easy to make yourself. You’ll find a variety of festive decorations, like pinecones and berries, to add to any local arts and crafts store.


Winter solstice ornaments

Get crafty and make homemade ornaments with family and friends this Winter Solstice. Using natural materials from the Earth is a unique way to celebrate the solstice. Hang your finished ornaments in your front yard or on your indoor holiday tree.

Buy a basic cinnamon broom at the store, but then get ready to spice it up with this tutorial. Add your own decorative touch to it and then hang it by your front door to get rid of any negative energy. Consider adding dried oranges, greenery and herbs to the broom.


A pine cone tree ornament

Marie Kazalia / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Make a mini yuletide tree using a pinecone and your creativity. This video shows you exactly what you need and how to do it. You may want to make a few different creations and use them as a centerpiece for your winter solstice dinner.

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