Emily Henderson’s Top 15 HGTV Design Makeovers

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Emily Henderson’s Top 15 HGTV Design Makeovers

Looking for design inspiration for your home? Known for her chic style and eclectic schemes, Emily Henderson does it all. Henderson made a name for himself following HGTV’s “Design Star” in 2010, transforming numerous interior spaces from bath, bedroom, living room and kitchen to exterior renovations such as patios, backyard spaces and outdoor entertaining areas. While hosting her hit HGTV show “Secrets From A Stylist,” the professional stylist evaluates her clients’ style interests through a personal analytical process. As many interior stylists may focus on the final stages of a space or design while swapping out redundant items for more appropriate items, Henderson regularly scours flea markets for quality vintage finds and repurposes them into unique pieces (via Decorilla).

Which part of your home needs styling? An expert at knowing where to put things, the HGTV star often shares her versatile expertise with her guests to establish comfortable and fashionable creations within everyday home spaces. From reupholstering couches to brightening up a dull picture frame, style and custom comfort take precedence as Henderson works with draperies, decor, furniture, cushions and rugs, among other things. Keep reading to be inspired by some of her most stylish home renovations.

Front: Uninviting hall lounge

This early 20th century Hollywood Hills home features an everyday living area that is often overlooked by guests. Located right outside the front door, it has a huge bay window with French doors and a fireplace. It lacks an invitation to stay and a sense of style, as the room is positioned like a connecting corridor.

To: Hollywood Country Club

Exuding an old Hollywood vibe, Henderson highlights the walls in a vibrant ocher color with a complementing herringbone pattern tile inside the fireplace. The chic couch was discovered at a flea market and upholstered in a deep green. The gold club chairs and long, delicate linen curtains polish off the overall warm and vintage atmosphere.

Front: Draw uptown apartment

Emily’s challenge here is to design and style one of the other “Design Star” contestants’ bland New York apartments. Tom’s recently moved living and bedroom areas contain basic furniture, although they lack color or decor, including personal style. Like a blank canvas, the designer sees potential to reflect his modern corporate style.

After: Customized corporate style

Influenced by Tom’s personal style, Emily features various masculine colors such as navy against gray and silver metallics in the rug, cushions, couch and chairs. Warm textures and global accents are also present, including contemporary clean lines in the furniture. Sleek and sophisticated, the corporate style pinstripe painted wall also adds depth to the room.

Front: Empty glass house

A space full of limitless possibilities, Emily faces the amazing challenge of filling and designing a glasshouse sunroom in NYC’s Foley Square. With a plywood plank floor, the place is completely empty and has several glass windows on the sides and a ceiling within the frame.

After: Eclectic sunroom

With her primary focus on the color and design of her dress and accessories, the warm living area looks cool yet inviting with the blue patterned wallpaper and assorted lamplight. Boho chic in style, layered rugs, green plants and unique decor are present, mixed with books and vintage furniture for a calm and cozy aura.

Front: Old, cluttered apartment

This New York apartment looks cluttered and dated, with dated floral patterns and designs appearing on the furniture and a large wooden loft with a traditional dining table set and chairs. The living room feels overloaded with chairs, television and tables. Reusing items within the space will be the ultimate challenge.

After: Chic, repurposed dining room

Inspired by various foods, Emily and her teammate Michael reinvented the space in a more stripped-down style while focusing primarily on restyling the cabinetry, dining table, curtains, and wall decor. Note the energetic splash of green on the ceiling and within the whimsical curtain design, including subtle black, white and green elements.

Front: Boring family room

Featuring a spacious open concept, this spacious family room area features vibrant hardwood floors, a fireplace and ample natural light from the windows. Lacking style and colour, the family needs a functional space that is both modern and relaxed. Additionally, while some distinctive art pieces are preserved, there is potential for a stylish bohemian vibe to emerge.

After: Modern, open bohemian concept

Using a mix of casual yet masculine shades like blue and brown, Emily transformed the areas to complement each other. For a bohemian atmosphere, a handmade Turkish rug rests in the dining room, contrasting with the mid-century couch and vintage chairs. The long white curtains and fireplace give the house a soft, relaxed atmosphere.

Front: Sow textured walls

This cute house has an open concept that calls for better balance, function and style, especially in the beige walls. The dining room has a rustic feel with the wooden farmhouse table and chairs, while the living area is modern with a leather sofa and upholstered chairs. The space has the potential to offer both styles while remaining homely.

After: Modern, rustic living space

Cozy and minimal, Emily redefines the home by swapping the living and dining areas’ original locations. While the couple’s rustic style is kept minimal, the wooden tables, leather swing chairs and vintage bamboo shelf stand out among the living room. The walls are also painted purple to contrast with the chair rail.

Front: Unscented family room

The home has a large stone fireplace, carpeting, sliding glass doors and natural light in an open family room. A notable feature is the rustic, dark wooden beams on the ceiling. With minimal practical function or feminine touch, the family wants to refresh the room with color and liveliness, eliminating the office desk area.

After: Colorful, mid-century artist

From dull to vibrant, Emily’s use of color and eclectic pieces enhance the room’s look and function, especially in the curtains and furniture. With the couch facing the wall, the fireplace is now the focal point. A color mix of blue, brown, red and green makes the vintage elements stand out amidst the room’s new quality.

Front: Large green bedroom

A spacious, barren bedroom with just a bed and a few photo frames on the wall, the homeowners neglected to cherish this space. The walls are mostly gray with a cool mint green accent wall. There are carpets throughout the room, and a captivating corner window suitable for a chaise lounge or daybed.

After: Dramatic zen vibes

A vibrant Hollywood zen-like aura became the centerpiece of the room’s motif, as the space was filled with various shades of green, including earthy brown and white contrasts. A lush green chaise lounge sits by the corner window, plus a vintage vanity and various nature-inspired artwork and decor dress up the cool, tranquil, yet glamorous room.

Front: Random, pale living area

Colorless and unfinished, this home’s living and dining space features random modern furniture with subtle African animal decor in the corners and on the couch pattern. The living area is spacious, with rich brown wood floors and large sliding glass doors.

After: Funky, untamed style

Reflecting the couple’s funky yet natural personality, vibrant colors enhanced the living room space through the turquoise couch, yellow armchair and TV wall with a soft yellow background contrasting a white shelving unit. The dining room is eclectic and inviting, with a global motif through the unique art and decor.

Front: Child-centered dining room

This home’s family-oriented dining room features a farmhouse-style table and chairs, shelves with various trinkets, an art easel, and random children’s items and toys. The house has many wooden features with masks and tiki figures, including atomic lampshades for Emily to work with.

After: Retro-Polynesian restaurant

A definitive meeting place, this dining area looks a lot like a restaurant with the vibrant red wraparound sofa, retro white chairs and gold elements within the floor and bamboo print wallpaper. A Polynesian lamp hangs as a focal point above the head table, while it mixes with mid-century lamps and tiki sculptures to the side.

Before: Too much white furniture

With no direction, this spacious living area is cluttered with large white couches and chairs and an entertainment center that isn’t practical. With large colonial style windows, beautiful dark wood floors and a brick fireplace, there is room for improvement for this southern Scottish family.

After: Modern, Scottish family room

Refreshed with pale blue painted walls and long ticking striped curtains, Emily embraced both the family’s Scottish and southern backgrounds through the blue and white touches, including rich wood and upholstered furniture pieces that exude a classic yet modern vibe. The fireplace serves as a focal point and separation between the living and dining areas.

Before: Massive chaotic space

From bulky curtains to the awkwardly positioned office desk, this room and dining area has great potential to showcase a single dad’s old-world yet masculine side. However, with the television and fireplace as the focus of the room, the space should unfold to embrace a fresh and simple style and color.

After: Modern, Tuscan den

Reminiscent of Tuscany, Emily showcases rich orange and red colors in the curtains and cushions while balancing them with modern grays and blues within the walls, couch and rug. The dining room has a dark wall with white curtains, a wall-mounted deer head, and modern wooden dining set to contrast with the vibrant red carpet.

Front: Abandoned guest bedroom

This area, not set up as an inviting guest room, consists of a bed and dresser, including a drum kit placed in the corner. With little structure or purpose, homeowners often avoid the condition of this room, although it boasts lovely orange wood floors and framed windows that lead to the patio or backyard.

After: Quirky, story-filled guest room

Focusing on the couple’s love of graphic novels, Emily enhanced the walls with a black and white wallpaper to contrast the chair rail and Kelly green color. Many pieces offer a welcoming invitation, such as an antique lawyer’s bookcase and cabinet for extra storage, including a collective bed area for guests’ essentials.

Front: Empty large living room

The family has a magnificent room that has been left mostly empty with just a spacious tufted couch and table. The great room is a blank canvas with large double glass doors and a towering brick fireplace that reaches to the ceiling.

After: Formal, French living room

Emily creates a classic European-style gathering place that is accentuated by color and shape. Various shades of blue are mixed with ivory, gray and white through the elegant curtains, furniture, cushions and decor. The rising fireplace wall is whitewashed and features wooden alcove shelves and a unique empty picture frame to draw your attention upwards.

Front: Massive entertaining spaces

This monstrous living space is located just off the front door as the family often moves through. It features a fireplace, a massive piano and abundant natural light. Unfortunately, it looks dull and unused. As the holidays approach, more decoration, color and structure are needed within the space.

After: Festive, modern accommodation

Emily’s transformation shows how a modern accommodation beach atmosphere can transition into a festive holiday entertaining space between the curtains, furniture and decorations. Layered with green, blue, brown, white and gold elements, this non-traditional theme flows through the living and dining room as the family can easily dress it up or down.

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