FOTILE ChefCubii steam-combi oven review

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FOTILE ChefCubii steam-combi oven review

When I unboxed the ChefCubii oven from Fangtai(opens in new tab)I am reminded of the otherworldly microwave oven from the Robert Rodriguez movie spy kid. That’s because it’s a versatile and cool appliance with over 40 preset cooking options – from air frying to roasting to steaming and dehydrating.

My roommate and I tested the ChefCubii over the course of a few weeks, and it quickly became a staple in our apartment.

We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a worthwhile purchase for those who need convenience, are interested in experimenting with cooking, or work in narrow kitchen hallways (where there may be no oven or stove). But if you already have an oven/broiler and aren’t too keen on spending $499, this might be a product worth skipping.

Air fryer

First try and I knew I wanted to cook author Highly recommended by Eric Kim Grilled Chicken with Fish Sauce Butter. I was going to use the old oven in my apartment but I thought, why not use an air fryer? It’s Passover, so I forgo the delicious breadcrumb side dish. The chicken itself was a huge success. It was very tender and the fish sauce butter added a lot of complexity and umami to the meal.

While the high air circulation of the oven should create a crispy appearance on the chicken, I was disappointed that it didn’t have a crunch or bite.

The ChefCubii oven has many functions – if you have counter space.
Credit: Fang Tai

Bake and Reheat

Cold, leftover pizza is a surefire hangover cure.But when that pizza comes from a place like this Raza or low fidelity In Jersey City, you need to heat it up for a few minutes. While reheating a pizza in a regular oven (foil or not) will usually dry it out, ChefCubii retains its original moisture and texture.

I stumbled upon how long it took to warm up. I even timed it and the ChefCubii heats up slower than my oven (also a recurring issue when testing other settings). But once it’s ready, my delicious slices can be reheated with just one click.


I’ve never been a huge fan of steaming vegetables, but I love making them with ChefCubii (it has three steaming modes – normal, low and high). To start the process, you need to add some water to the rectangular compartment below the oven. I recommend cleaning it and replacing it with fresh water after each use to keep the food fresh.

My steamed broccoli is easy to cook – and delicious. I tossed them with chili flakes and a little olive oil. I also steamed some potatoes and then I tossed them with garlic and herbs (but you can also mash them, etc). Both are delicious and easy side dishes to pair with rib eye.


Dehydrating oranges as a DIY decoration became popular last fall. I love its decor and food.

But I decided to dehydrate a lot of red and maitake mushrooms. It takes about an hour to dehydrate, after which they look beautiful.

When I use mushrooms (stews and risottos) for the next few weeks, they have a strong flavor. I love how dehydrated foods retain their flavor and nutrients while reducing food waste.

Clean ChefCubii

Because the ChefCubii’s interior is very spacious, it is easy to disassemble and clean. You can remove the grills and clean them by hand, or put them in the dishwasher. There’s also a self-cleaning feature, which really adds to the oven’s convenience factor.

It’s still a well-made product, but if anything goes wrong during the first year you own it, Fangtai offers a comprehensive warranty. A nice touch.

Is ChefCubii worth buying?

Overall, the ChefCubii oven(opens in new tab) It’s a very fun, stylish and multi-faceted device. For those looking to explore new cooking methods after a busy workday or interested in convenience, this product is for you. However, if you don’t have a lot of disposable income and already have a good kitchen setup, I would give this up.

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