Franchisor Stock Table Shows Declines Continue at Retail Franchises | Franchise Finance

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Franchisor Stock Table Shows Declines Continue at Retail Franchises | Franchise Finance

The last analysis period was one of setbacks for many companies included on the Franchise Times scoreboard.

Of the 38 companies on the franchisor stock table below, all but seven experienced a lower closing price in October than in September. While some, such as Denny’s Corp., fell by just 5 percent, others had a much larger recorded decline.

Franchise Group Inc. experienced the biggest drop, closing October 13 at $25.50, down 31 percent from $36.82 on September 12. The drop also appears to be part of a larger trend, as the closing price fell 51 percent. over the past 12 months.

The portfolio of franchise group brands includes American Freight, Badcock Home Furniture and More, Buddy’s Home Furnishings, Pet Supplies Plus, Sylvan Learning, The Vitamin Shoppe and Wag N Wash. Two of the brands, Badcock and Sylvan, were acquired later in 2021. .

The hit to retail companies wasn’t limited to Franchise Group, however, as Aaron’s Inc., a rent-to-own company that sells appliances, furniture and electronics, had the second-biggest drop for the period. The closing price fell from $12.64 on September 12 to $9.04 on October 13, a drop of 29 percent.

Like Franchise Group, the decline was not limited to the September period, as its closing price on October 13 was 63 percent lower than it was 12 months ago.

The date for the closing prices in the Franchisor Stock Table coincided with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics releasing its consumer price index information for September. It reported that consumer prices rose 0.4 percent, above the 0.3 percent increase predicted by Dow Jones.

Despite falling closing prices and continued inflation, Franchise Group CEO and President Brian Kahn expressed confidence in the near future.

“Currently, we are seeing signs that inflation is creeping up and even reversing in the areas of freight and home furnishing product costs,” Kahn said in the company’s second-quarter press release. “We believe that market forces will continue to shift in our favor over the balance of the year and will begin to restore our home furnishing unit volumes and profit margins to historic levels next year.”


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