Geeks of Green explains how sustainable decor is the way to go

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Geeks of Green explains how sustainable decor is the way to go

If sustainable decor is on your home improvement list, scroll down to see how Geeks of Green makes it so easy to follow!

When it comes to home decor, the best energy and thoughtful craftsmanship in every element is the way to go. Many people like to match their homes with their own personalities and aesthetics. As trends changed over time, people began to take home decor more seriously. And with sustainable decor being the thing right now, people are going green. And it doesn’t have to be a big change. It’s all about figuring out your space in a more eco-friendly way. Green decor is the trend that has caught everyone’s attention. It is the color of prosperity and harmony and the idea of ​​green home decor is pretty wild. And since wild ideas always have a place on our wish list, we have a chat with Geeks of Green about the same.

Annette Matthew has been gardening for the past nine years, growing around 300 varieties of plants at her home in Thane, Maharashtra, and has been content around greenery for quite some time. So we asked Geeks of Green to suggest some ways to strategically and sustainably reinvent your homes.

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Here’s what she had to say!

Why should people switch from conventional home decoration?

“We came out of nature and slowly lost our connection with it. Over time, we replaced natural things with man-made things. It is time for us to go back to what God has naturally provided us with. It is essential for our benefit, for better health of our body and mind. Even when we decorate our homes for festive seasons, we have a huge variety of plants to choose from. Not only flowers, but also plants that have beautiful leaves. Each one is a work of art!”

Where did the idea of ​​green decor come from?

“For me personally, a person who barely gets direct sunlight in my house, stumbling upon foliage plants opened up a world of fascination for the plant kingdom. I didn’t think I would ever be able to find plants that would grow and thrive in my space doesn’t last. When I first started experimenting with low-light plants, I was drawn into this hobby because of all the fantastic benefits I got. Starting with a few, I now have over 300 plants in my small apartment house. Although it takes effort to maintain them, I can’t imagine my house bare anymore. I can’t remove the green decor from anything in the world. I love how the dullest spaces just need a few pretty plants to renovating. I believe green decor is enough. It’s an inexpensive, easy-to-maintain and rewarding hobby.”

What decorative things can we replace with green plants while decorating our homes during festivals?

“Many people choose to use artificial torans and bouquets. Some people even go for natural flower torans that will wilt. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow a beautiful vine that is alive and continues to grow and give? You can use vines that flower most times of the year, such as Madhu Malti, Bougainvillea, Blue Morning Glory and Thunbergia (Bengal Trumpet). Instead of a bouquet, you can keep a seasonal flowering plant that will decorate your home with beautiful flowers for more than a few weeks.”

Share some tips and tricks for eco-friendly home decor.

“Keep a mindset of reduce, reuseand recycling. Getting involved in making your own planters from scraps is a fun way to add decor that fits your taste and also makes it more valuable because you make it yourself. It’s a great way to relax in a fast-paced life and connect with nature. Keeping plants instantly brightens your space, brings a little nature into our concrete homes and adds tremendous style and beauty to your space.

Have you decided to switch to sustainable home decor?

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