Here’s what people are buying the most during the pandemic, according to survey

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Here’s what people are buying the most during the pandemic, according to survey

It’s safe to say that our shopping habits have changed in many ways due to the pandemic.

Income has fluctuated with a volatile job market; in-person shopping has initially become more complex, prompting more people to shop online; and people’s needs have changed as many people stay home for extended periods of time.

Many must have been bored during those months of lockdown.

We asked WDIV Insider what their biggest purchases are during the pandemic, what their biggest purchases are, and if they have any retail regrets. The majority of respondents (84.9%) said they had no regrets about the item they purchased.

Here’s what else we found.

what people are buying

It may come as no surprise that the most popular pandemic purchases are related to home improvement and groceries, especially with so many people working or studying from home rather than in person.


Of the more than 250 viewers who responded to the survey, 114 said they spend money on home improvement tools and projects. Many respondents also said they spend money on delivery and meal prep services.

Clothes, homewares and furniture were also popular products for our respondents. The least popular item of the options we offer? game console.

Here’s a breakdown of what people say they’ve been buying.

Answers to the WDIV survey question: What types of things are you spending money on during the pandemic? (WDIV)

According to our findings, while in-person shopping has become more complex, it has not become less popular.

The majority of our audience (45%) said they were primarily shopping in person during the pandemic. Nonetheless, a large proportion of respondents (40.6%) said they mainly shop online.

Only 14.3% said they primarily use curbside pickup to shop.

WDIV Survey Results: How Do You Mainly Shop During the Pandemic? (WDIV)

Most consumers seem satisfied with their purchases: 79.3% of consumers say they don’t actually return items purchased during the pandemic.


WDIV Survey Results: Have You Been Returning Items Purchased During the Pandemic? (WDIV)

Pandemic buying

More than half of respondents (60.6%) said they made large purchases during the pandemic.

Survey Results: Are You Making Massive Purchases During the Pandemic? (WDIV)

We asked our viewers to be more specific about what “big purchases” they made – here are the most common responses we received:

  • New or used car

  • Home/Furniture Repairs or Upgrades

  • Treadmill

  • a television

  • Outdoor gear, such as grills and fire pits

  • a puppy

When we asked respondents to tell us their favorite and least favorite pandemic purchases, their answers were everywhere. Still, some reactions are more common than others.

Here are the best answers for each question:

  • Favorite Pandemic Buys

    • Technology: TVs, laptops, tablets, entertainment devices

    • furniture

    • pet

    • Holiday

  • Least Favorite Pandemic Purchases

    • expensive groceries

    • too much alcohol

    • implement

    • clothing

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