Holi Party DIY Decoration Items To Make In A Small Budget

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Holi Party DIY Decoration Items To Make In A Small Budget

Spice up your holi celebrations with these amazing DIY projects to make at home.

Holi is a festival of colors and unlimited happiness. The festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. The festival is originally for the Hindus, but as the celebration begins, it forgets all the barriers of religion and people of all faiths and communities participate to multiply the joy and double the celebration.

It’s time for us to get up and celebrate this year’s holi with all the excitement, fun and frolic that we missed last year. But this certainly does not indicate disregarding rules made for your protection and safety due to COVID.

So, if you are planning to throw a massive holi party this year, here are some DIY projects that will come in handy and help you achieve perfection in the decor without spending a lot of money. So, take a look.

The Complete Holi Tray

You might have pinned those beautiful trays that come with colors, sweets, fancy decoration on Pinterest, right? Well, what if we told you that you can easily make it at home?

Yes, you can do it very well. All you need is a tray, some colorful papers, some glasses or bowls to store the colors and some popsicle sticks.

Start by making fans from colored papers, fold them in half and then join them together to form a circular pattern. Attach the popsicle sticks to them. Makes about five of them. Then take different colors and fill the bowls with them. Take a plate, place a colored paper over it and keep sweets on it. Cut strips from the colored sheets of paper and arrange them on the tray. Take the fans and attach them to the tray as well. Assemble the tray and add the color names to the trays of colour.

Paper chains

holi decor

Paper chains can enlarge any empty space and can act as the perfect backdrop for your holi pictures. All you need is glue, scissors and colored papers. Cut the colored paper in half, then cut out thinly, 1 tin of syrup from it. Do this with all your papers and then take the strips and apply glue to the end of them, and stick them making a circular ring. Take another strip and insert it through the ring and also glue its ends. Continue making the chain until you reach the length you want.

Holi Props

holi decor

These days, parties are as fun as the photos, so to make this holi (how to make your home holi ready) super fun, all you need is a holi photo props and we’ll tell you how to make them. Just print out quirky Holi messages and phrases and print out the images. Cut out the images and attach a popsicle stick behind them. Add a sheet of cardboard to make the supports more sturdy.

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Holi Thali

holi decor

To decorate your holi (how to remove holi colors from skin and hair) thali, just spread glue over the thali after taping in a design pattern you want exposed. Then sprinkle different colors over the glue and take out the tape. Your thali is ready. Assemble the Diya and other things over it to make it complete.

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