Home renovation secrets you wish your interior designer told you

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Home renovation secrets you wish your interior designer told you

When it comes to interior design, the saying “the devil is in the details” is particularly relevant. Paying attention to the small details of decoration is the secret to designing places that are both balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Some of these techniques are so basic that using them seems counterintuitive. However, they can significantly change the look of any room as a whole. So, one can always learn how to manipulate patterns for beautifully coordinated interior design.

Make use of patterns

You don’t have to stick to a single design in a space; you can effortlessly combine two or three prints. Pay attention to the pattern scale; smaller, busier prints look best on small surfaces, like pillows, or secondary components, like a floor rug. Big, bold designs usually look best on focal points that have white space around them.

Introduce greenery with plants

Indoor plants add depth and character to any room, whether you’re trying to make a statement or simply want to fill an empty table or corner. Plants can add much-needed color to some areas or a touch of freshness to a space decorated in an industrial design. Depending on the style you want to achieve, you can place plants in terrariums, mason jars, cups or earthen pots.

The small painting technique

The presence of various artworks over your sofa ensures that your home design is harmonious. Sometimes a single, substantial painting can be too much for a room. Choose a collection of compact artwork that can be grouped together. Instead of hanging paintings in the middle of a sofa if it looks too small, hang them on each side. You’ll be surprised at how effective this simple home decorating technique looks.

Large glass windows and blinds

Use more than one of the same element

Arrange home decor pieces that have a similar aesthetic look. A group of small items is more aesthetically pleasing than a single larger object. This applies to almost all home decor items, including pendant lights, flowers, pillows and artwork. The components only need to have a similar visual appearance; they don’t necessarily have to match exactly.

You can place two pairs of couches in different patterns, groups of pots in different sizes, etc.

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