How To Create The Haunted Dollhouses That Went Viral On TikTok

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How To Create The Haunted Dollhouses That Went Viral On TikTok

If you haven’t heard of it, American Horror Story Coming soon! Season 2 will have a creepy dollhouse theme – which is why this is the perfect time to create your own haunted dollhouse.There are more and more trends Tik Tok People turn old houses they’ve had since childhood (or found at garage sales) into haunted houses. Here’s a creepy DIY decoration you can put up for Halloween – or keep it on your shelf all year. If you’re looking to rebuild one of the haunted dollhouses that are all the rage on TikTok, here are some ideas on how to get started:

Bring your favorite dollhouse, paint it black.


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The first step in creating a haunted dollhouse is to find a regular dollhouse that fits your vision. Most dollhouses come in bright colors like pink or purple, so you should start by covering the exterior of your house with black paint (maybe a little purple if you want a Victorian vampire vibe). You can also paint the floors and add some grey to the exterior to make the house look older and abandoned. If you want to make it look creepier, stick some windows with popsicle sticks!

Add a suitable wallpaper for your theme.


First day of creating my abandoned crime scene dollhouse πŸ‘» #dollhouse #creepy #horror #haunted

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After finishing the exterior of the dollhouse, you should go inside. Before you start adding decor, you should make sure you are happy with the wall. Find your favorite material at a craft store and use a hot glue gun to secure it. Or, if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always print your design at home. Then, if you want a bloodier, scarier house, you can add blood to the walls and floors when you’re done. All you need is some splashes of red paint.

add spider web in every corner.


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Adding spider webs to your dollhouse is a great way to make it look like a ghost town. You can buy some white nets from a craft store or order them online and simply spread them around the dollhouse, just like you would do around your house on Halloween. Although you may want to add cobwebs to the corners of the room early on, make sure to save some for later. Once you’ve put your props down, you might also want to put some cobwebs on them so it looks like the clock and sofa haven’t been touched in a while.

Add props to each room.


Haunted Doll House Makeover! πŸ‘» Full video on YT. #diy #halloween #crafty #fypshi #foryou

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You can’t just add dolls to your house. You can also add black cats, pumpkins, skulls and candles. And you don’t have to stop inside! You can also add props externally.try making some dead tree By grabbing branches from the yard and spray painting them black. Then add some moss at the base of their trunks to simulate grass.You can also create curved “iron” railings and place them around the property to warn visitors Avoid.

Add the right lighting.


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If you’re willing to go the extra mile for your dollhouse to take it to the next level, you can add lights to every room. You can do this by creating the walls on the art board and pulling the wires out the back, then placing the board in the house. This step requires a lot of extra work, but if you plan to keep this dollhouse at home for generations, it’s worth the effort!

Add a crumbling ceiling.


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Start by gluing a bunch of stir sticks together and dyeing, then adding the sludge. Next, sand and strip it where you want the ceiling to look like it’s crumbling. To finish it off, you can trace the cracks with a knife and paint inside the cracks to make sure they’re noticeable to anyone looking inside. Then you can add some green or brown flocked fibers to create the look of the mold!

Add hidden puzzles For kids to find.


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If you plan to pass the dollhouse on to your grandkids, you can add little treasures for them to findβ€”if they look hard enough. You can write them small notes or even create puzzles for them to solve. You can even print out miniature photos of you and your family and add them to the wall with small picture frames.

Put the finishing touches on the house.


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When you’re done adding furniture, try to get creative. You can add doll limbs hanging from the ceiling or draw pentagrams on the floor, whatever you think will take your house to the next level!It’s always a good idea to have a theme you can stick to – like Crime scene or haunted house. This way, you can draw inspiration from movies and shows with similar themes. Remember, the more creative your haunted house, the better. Don’t be afraid to be weird!

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