How to make a bow for a Christmas tree: 3 easy DIY ideas

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How to make a bow for a Christmas tree: 3 easy DIY ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s finally time to start holiday prep and cool DIY projects! Without a doubt, the Christmas tree is the star of the winter break. So why not take it up a notch this year and instead of buying standard Christmas tree decorations, you can make your own at home! This is a very easy, affordable and fun activity for the whole family. The best part is that there are tons of ways to easily customize your tree top to suit your decor theme, color scheme, and personal preferences. That’s why in this article, we’ll show you how to make a bow for your Christmas tree. The only thing you need is some basic items, a few minutes of free time, and a festive mindset. Let’s dive into this fun DIY project!

Making a Christmas Tree Topper Bow is a fun and easy DIY project for the whole family

One thing’s for sure – you can’t leave a Christmas tree without a top

Simple tricks how to wrap ribbon around your Christmas tree this winter

No tree, even one perfectly decorated with your favorite ornaments, is complete without a Christmas tree topper. The tree bow is the perfect choice! Tree bows are larger bows made of ribbon. There are many different ribbon variants, colors and materials to choose from, as well as how to make them. What’s more, these bow ornaments can be used as more than just tree tops! Instead of using ornaments, you can make some to decorate your Christmas tree, you can decorate a Christmas wreath, or use them throughout the house. During the holidays, anything is possible! Below, we’ll show you 3 easy DIY Christmas tree bow decorating ideas to spice up your holiday decor this year!

The tree tops adorn the exterior of each Christmas tree

How to make a treetop bow for your Christmas tree this holiday season

How do you make bows for a Christmas tree?

Making your own Christmas bow is actually easy! For example, outdoor Christmas decorations require more effort, supplies, and preparation. For your Christmas bows, you’ll need some ribbons. When choosing your ribbon, you must take into account the color scheme of your decor, as well as the size of the bow you want to make. The larger the bow, the wider the ribbon should be. Wired ribbon is great for treetop bows as it helps the bow hold its shape better. You can choose a solid color ribbon or one with a fun Christmas pattern. Think about what look you want and choose your ribbon accordingly.

Adding some sparkle to your holiday decorations is perfect for Christmas

Glitter confetti ribbon tree topper for christmas bow decoration

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, add some fluffy marshmallows on top, and let’s DIY

The perfect winter morning with a warm cup of hot chocolate and fluffy marshmallows

How to make a classic easy bow?

Let’s start with the simplest and easiest of the classic ribbon bows. This bow is perfect for a more minimalist tree top as it is smaller and less fluffy than other bows. You can also use it as a mailbox decoration, a Christmas wreath or a festive front door decoration. The options are endless! Let’s see a step-by-step tutorial on this classic bow:

what do you need:

  • Ribbon of your choice (use ribbon for a fluffier and stronger bow)
  • Scissors
  • Line (florist line is a good choice)

Step-by-step tutorial:

  1. First fold the ribbon in half, then use scissors to cut the end into a fishtail shape. (make sure you are using a sharp pair of scissors so the cut is smooth)
  2. Repeat this on both sides.
  3. Then twist the ribbon so that the ends cross and the ribbon forms a large loop. Forms should look like ribbons we wear to support different important causes.
  4. After that, grab the center of the loop and bring it back to where the ends cross. You should see the bow forming immediately.
  5. Grab the middle of the bow and squeeze everything tightly in one place.
  6. Hold the center of the ribbon with one hand and some filigree with the other.
  7. Then use wire to hold the center of the bow tightly in one place.
  8. Cut the excess wire and set it aside.
  9. Finally, loosen the bow with your hands and shape it any way you like.
  10. you are done!

Here’s the end result – a beautiful classic bow ready for your Christmas tree

Crafty Christmas tree decoration with creative silver bow and white snowflakes

Watch the video for a visual explanation:

How to make a double ribbon bow?

Double Ribbon Bows are made from two different types of ribbons. This is great because your decor can get really creative. Maybe you want to make a ribbon in two different colors, or two completely different materials, or even combine a solid color ribbon with a cool patterned ribbon. No doubt you will have a gorgeous Christmas tree this year! Let’s dive into the tutorial:

what do you need:

  • two ribbons
  • Scissors
  • metallic line

Step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Trim the ends of the ribbon diagonally first.
  2. Then determine the size of your ribbon loop, depending on how big you want your bow to be.
  3. Start folding your loops in your hands and stacking them together.
  4. After you have enough ribbon loops, trim the other end of the ribbon with scissors.
  5. Then cut a slit in the middle of your loop. (Be careful not to cut through the middle)
  6. Make another cut in the middle of the other side of the ring.
  7. After that, grab your florist’s wire and start running it around your loop.
  8. Then start separating your loops. Fold two loops back and two loops forward. repeat.
  9. Continue to separate other loops.
  10. Finally, arrange your loops so they look nice, fluffy, and well-structured.
  11. Voila, you’re done!

Your double ribbon bow is ready to go on the Christmas tree

Tricks How to Make a Christmas Bow with Two Different Types of Ribbon

Watch the video for a visual explanation:

How do you make a Christmas tree bow top hat with three ribbons?

This next DIY idea is for those who want to make bigger, more dramatic and colorful Christmas tree bow top hats. For this you will need three different types of ribbons. Make sure the colors and patterns don’t conflict. You want the combo to look great without going overboard. Consider using corded ribbon in this Christmas DIY, as we’re aiming for a bigger, more fluffy bow.

what do you need:

  • Three types of ribbons (wired ribbons are a good option)
  • Scissors
  • Florist wire or zipper

Step-by-step tutorial:

  1. First, start by stacking the ribbons together.
  2. Decide how big you want your rings to be, and start folding them about 6-10 times depending on the size you want.
  3. When the fold is complete, cut off the ends of the three ribbons so you’re only left with the loop you just folded.
  4. Then cut a slit in the middle of your loop. (Again, be careful not to cut through the middle, it will ruin your bow)
  5. Make another cut in the middle of the other side of the ring.
  6. When you’re done, use a zip tie or wire to tie the ribbons together and pull as hard as you can to keep them firmly in place.
  7. Then start separating your loops one by one.
  8. When you’re done, you can pull the bow up.
  9. Optional: Add the tail with the remaining ribbon by connecting some long pieces together and gluing them to the back of the bow.
  10. You are all done!

You can also use this method to make a large treetop bow in only one color

How to tie a Christmas bow to your tree with three ribbons

Watch the video for a visual explanation:

How do you attach the bow to the canopy?

If your treetop bow is not very heavy, you can place it on a branch without hooks or wire. This will also allow your bow to stay within the branch in a more natural way. If your bow is heavy and you doubt it will be able to stand alone on the tree, you can use some trellis wire to secure it. A fun way to spice up your bow is to add bells, dried fruit, branches and glitter! enjoy!

Let’s take a look at some Christmas bow tree top hat inspiration:

Red and gold are the ultimate Christmas color combo

Cool Christmas tree decoration with creative red bow and golden snowflake details

Spice up your treetop bows with some fairy lights

How to make a Christmas bow to put on a Christmas tree the easy way

Fantastic golden christmas decoration

Breathtaking golden Christmas tree bow top hat and twinkling lights

Silver Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Decoration

A sleek, fluffy Christmas tree bow for every taste

Add your Christmas star to the top of the tree and finish it off with a cute little bow

How to easily wrap ribbon around a Christmas tree without breaking branches

Unique Checkered Tree Topper Bow

How to Easily Make Christmas Bows at Home DIY Fun for the Whole Family

Add a long tail to your Christmas bow for a unique look

Fluffy creative Christmas tree bow with long curly tail

White, blue and silver color palette

Christmas tree topper trend winter wonderland decoration theme blue and white

Sparkling golden bow with fairy lights

Christmas tree top hat idea sparkling golden ribbon bow on top of tree

A unique red foiling tree topper bow

Unusual diy christmas tree bow top hat made of red foil material

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