IE University’s diploma addresses post-pandemic world

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IE University’s diploma addresses post-pandemic world

Promotion: IE University aims to drive change through its Strategic Interior Design course by teaching students to find “human-centered design solutions” for the new needs of our post-pandemic world.

IE University’s Strategic Interior Design course is a six-month program aimed at accelerating students’ careers, and includes a mix of online sessions and in-person teaching at the university’s Madrid-based campus.

Focused on applying design-led thinking to real-world issues, the course is designed to teach students ways to creatively solve problems to present high-tech interiors that are aware of the environment.

At the end of the diploma, students will be able to lead any design project, according to the university

“The world needs more resilient social infrastructure to respond to all the new requirements generated by the pandemic,” said Elvira Muñoz, director of the Diploma in Strategic Interior Design. “They will have to be functional, responsive, sustainable, versatile and responsive to all the new needs and behavior patterns.”

“To fully understand the new challenges and disruptions and provide meaningful design solutions, the world must approach these problems from the inside out,” Muñoz continued.

A photo of students talking in a student cafe at IE University
The course takes place over six months

According to the university, current trends in strategic interior design highlight the need for creative people to refresh their skills. This includes the downsizing of office spaces and increasingly virtual interaction following the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Muñoz, who is also director of Interior Design EMEA at AECOM, learning to be a strategic interior designer also helps people differentiate themselves from their peers in design.

A photo of a group workspace at IE University
The diploma aims to drive strategic change

The diploma at IE University is suitable for individuals hoping to break into the design sector and companies looking to improve their teams.

Students will not only gain an insight into interior design, but also into workplace consultancy, UX design, real estate transactions, facilities management and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

The course is suitable for companies that want to improve their teams

“By the end [of the diploma] you will be able to lead any design project and position your organization at the top,” said IE University.

“This program can really change your life,” Muñoz added, “because it will provide you with a set of skills and tools that will help you become a better designer and a better strategist.”

“I think together we can educate designers, architects, marketing profiles, business profiles and the fine arts to be more relevant and more meaningful in their work, and teach them to provide solutions that last and that achieve your clients’ goals,” said the director continued.

More information about IE University and the courses it offers can be found on its website.

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