I’m a Dollar Tree super fan – how I fake high-end decorations by repurposing $1.25 buys

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I’m a Dollar Tree super fan – how I fake high-end decorations by repurposing $1.25 buys

Hosting a birthday party or hosting any special occasion can be an expensive undertaking.

From food and drinks to decorations, your wallet will feel lighter after the big day.


YouTuber Bargain Bethany shares her DIY decorating tips for making Dollar Tree products look high-endCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany
Bethany shows her followers the decorations she made for her baby son's birthday party


Bethany shows her followers the decorations she made for her baby son’s birthday partyCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany

YouTuber Bargain Bethany shares her dollar tree tips for making high-end decorations on a budget.

To make DIY decorative centerpieces, you’ll need laundry baskets, balloons, balloon clips, balloon glue dots, balloon sticks, tissue holders and zippers.

“I’m going to use these balloon clips to attach the balloons to the laundry basket,” Bethany said while demonstrating the hack.

“I ended up making some smaller balloons that I used to cover up any gaps where you can still see the laundry basket. I used Dollar Tree’s balloon glue dots to attach them to the other balloons,” she continued.

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She continued: “I got this tissue holder from the dollar tree and I’m going to stick it on [the bottom of] For my flip-up laundry basket, I use a zipper I bought at Dollar Tree. “

“I’m going to start zipping some of the balloon sticks I got from the Dollar Tree to a tissue holder. I’m going to tie the balloons to it, which will make them look like they’re ‘floating without using helium,'” Bethany explained to the audience.

“Then I put a teddy bear on top of the basket to make it look like it’s floating in the clouds,” she concluded.

The bargaining expert also shares her favorite dollar tree items for decorating on a budget.

“One of my favorite party items to buy at Dollar Tree is their candy bowls. They have a huge selection of bowls in different styles and colors, and it’s really easy to customize these,” she says.

Bethany uses a label maker to customize the candy bowls, but this can also be done using glue dots.

“What you do is grab some tablecloths from the dollar tree. Also, grab a broom,” she told her followers.

She continued: “Unwrap and unfold your tablecloth. Put it under the broom handle, on top, you’re going to wrap it [it] around the broom handle. ”

Bethany demonstrates how to convert dollar tree candy bowls into decorative containers for special events


Bethany demonstrates how to convert a dollar tree candy bowl into a decorative container for special eventsCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany

“I zip through the plastic of the tablecloth and tie it in place. That way I can slide it easily,” explains the YouTuber.

Bethany used Command Hooks to hang colorful wall decor at her son’s birthday party.

Bethany’s followers are impressed with her money-saving decorating skills.

One user commented: “Bethany you rock! Omg, if only my kids were this young, I’d be able to reach this level too!”

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“You always have amazing ideas. I love centerpieces and candy bowls. It looks like an amazing party,” wrote another viewer.

A third said: “You may have outdone yourself, Bethany! It’s just awesome, awesome, so smart!”

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