I’m an interior design pro – the bedsheet colors to AVOID as they’ll stop you getting a good night’s sleep

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I’m an interior design pro – the bedsheet colors to AVOID as they’ll stop you getting a good night’s sleep

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep problems people have when they lie down to sleep each night.

What if you find that the color of your sheets is the culprit behind your inability to sleep?


Sleep experts reveal the five worst bed sheet colors in your roomCredit: Getty

Interior design experts have revealed five bed sheet colors you should avoid altogether if you want a deeper sleep.

Homes and Gardens has rounded up some advice for anyone looking to change their bedtime.


The number one color to avoid when choosing sheets is white.

Although controversial, white sheets actually don’t help you fall asleep.

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White sheets look clean and crisp, but that’s the benefit.

Alex Savy, a certified sleep science coach and founder of Sleeping Ocean, says, “Beige or beige sheets are best, as bright white fabrics can be too stimulating for the brain.

“This may link them to sunlight, which causes lower levels of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.”

light blue

At first glance, light blue may seem like one of the calmest colors.

It turns out that light blue actually prevents a good night’s sleep.

“Light blue is a cool color that also creates the illusion of daylight,” explains Alex.

“It’s best to choose sheets in dark blue and navy.”


Red is often associated with love and passion, which means couples may choose it when choosing a color scheme for their bedroom.

Sleep expert and MattressNextDay CEO Martin Seeley says red is not a smart choice for sheets.

He explained: “Research shows that red has such a powerful pigment that it can even provoke aggression or anger.

“[This is] The opposite of what you want when you fall asleep. “

Brown sheets are considered one of the worst bedroom options


Brown sheets are considered one of the worst bedroom optionsCredit: Getty


Brown is often compared to neutral, outdoor and earthy.

Even so, this is not the color you should use when buying sheets.

“Brown sheets can make a room look dull,” says Sleepline co-founder Robert Pagano.


The darkest color in the spectrum happens to be black, and it also happens to be the color he should avoid in your bed.

“Black sheets give off [an aesthetic] It feels too dark and serious for some bedrooms,” says Robert.

“If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing vibe in your bedroom, you might want to avoid black sheets.”

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