Indiana Wildlife Rehab Asks People to Avoid Fake Spiderwebs

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Indiana Wildlife Rehab Asks People to Avoid Fake Spiderwebs

If you’re getting into the Halloween spirit, this is one decoration you might want to skip.

It’s that time of year when the days get cooler, and Halloween is just around the corner. This is the time when many of us take out the Halloween decorations and prepare our homes for the season of ghosts, and upcoming trick-or-treaters. One very popular Halloween decoration is fake spider webs. Many people buy the bags of “spider webs” because they are a cheap and easy way to give a scary look to your garden. I’ve seen people stretch them over their bushes and front porches to give their yard a very eerie feel. However, in recent years it has become an issue for wildlife, and one wildlife rehabber has spoken out about the damage these fake cobwebs can cause.

When we talk about fake cobweb decorations, we’re talking about the kind that come in a plastic bag that you cut and string over bushes and things. These are the kind of cobweb decorations that have become a danger to wildlife.

Here’s what Humane Indiana Wildlife says about fake cobweb decorations:

Ghost season is here and while we know it’s fun and exciting to decorate for the Halloween season, we ask that you make a few considerations for our wildlife neighbors!

The biggest threat to wildlife during the Halloween season tends to be fake spider webs. Every year our center takes in several small songbirds that have become entangled and entangled in the festivities. It can cut off circulation to legs or toes, cause damage to feathers and wings, and so much more. The stress, alone, of being tangled in the tissue for hours at a time can be deadly. We ask that if you really want to use fake webbing for your Halloween decorations, consider doing it indoors and not outdoors.

Another Halloween decoration to consider is our pumpkins! We LOVE carved pumpkins and we know you do! Not only are they a great decoration and a fun family activity, but can be a great snack for our wildlife! The trouble arises when pumpkins are disposed of after they begin to form and hang. If pumpkins are disposed of along roadsides or on the ground at the curb for local garbage collection, wildlife will move closer to roads, posing an obvious threat to their well-being. Instead, consider placing pumpkins in garbage containers so they are contained once you decide to throw them away.

If you have a pack of those fake cobwebs and you’re wondering what you can do with them, remember you can always use them indoors. In fact, a few years ago I made a really cute little DIY decoration with fake spiders. Personally, I don’t like these fake cobweb thingies outside anyway, because I think they get really bad from the elements towards the end of the Halloween season, so I did that instead!

I took the fake cobwebs and strung them inside a decorative lantern I have. I secured the webs with clear tape. I also added two small tombstone decorations, and put in some purple LED lights. This made for a very cool, whimsical, indoor decoration that didn’t pose a risk to our wildlife friends.


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