Intriguing tips to make a chic statement with your bedroom windows

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Intriguing tips to make a chic statement with your bedroom windows

House with large and well placed window gives you an excellent opportunity to decorate it with striking accessories. In fact, if done right, it can become the focal point of your home. A small redesign of the space, such as placing a soft sofa in front of your windows and shutters or adding earthy artifacts and eye-catching colors, can dramatically change the look of your home and make it the center of attention. By using the strategies below, it won’t be difficult to give your windows a prominent role in the decor of your bedroom.

1. A soft seat by a window

Installing a small bench window seat will make your bedroom cozier and more comfortable, while also adding some glamour. By adding this type of seat to your window, your evening cup of tea or conversations will be more peaceful and charming. Add stylish throw pillows, potted plants and rustic decor accents for a better look.

2. Turn the shutters dark

A simple window can be made trendy and colorful by adding inward opening shutters. To make your home stand out, experiment with color and choose a palette that complements the concept of your home. Metallic colors such as gold and silver are excellent choices as they add extra shine to your decor.

3. Use bright colors

After a long reign of pastels, white or gray in home decor, dark and powerful colors are making a comeback. Bold designs, geometric patterns and strong colors can stylishly liven up a basic window. By choosing patterns with dramatic geometric, floral, dotted and pinstripe elements, you can turn the area around your window into a compelling focal point. A piece with a turquoise print can energize the space and complement the room’s vibrant decor.

Table by the window

4. Use frosted glasses for the win

Your window can feel airy and sun-kissed thanks to printed frosted glass patterns. You can change the look whenever you want thanks to its beautiful translucent appearance. People who desire a transient aesthetic and don’t want their window panes to change permanently should choose this design.

You can also decide to use stickers or spray paint to subtly decorate your plain windows. Frosted glass will give you a ton of light inside, while providing an infinite amount of privacy.

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