Is symmetry in interior design good? What designers say

by decwells
Is symmetry in interior design good? What designers say

As humans, we tend to have a natural tendency towards symmetry. We find balance and order comforting and as such we replicate it in our designs. Often it also makes the most practical sense; just look at bedrooms for example – headboard against the back wall, bedside table on either side, alcove shelves in the opposite two corners. It’s simple, formulaic, and it looks ‘nice’ – but what symmetrical designs lack is any significant talking point. As design goes, they are pretty unnoticeable.

Are you changing your furniture to keep up with the trend and using all the ‘in’ colors on your walls, only for your bedroom to still lack that exciting, contemporary look you crave? Well, your use of symmetry in interior design may be the problem. While the architecture of our homes can sometimes limit us to a symmetrical floor plan, a less formulaic layout of your furniture arrangement can be the answer to a more visually intriguing and modern look.

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