Kelly Wearstler Designs Virtual Kitchen With JennAir Fridge and Freezer

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Kelly Wearstler Designs Virtual Kitchen With JennAir Fridge and Freezer

Kelly Wearstler takes luxury kitchen design to another level: In a new collaboration with luxury appliance brand JennAir, the designer has once again designed a virtual concept kitchen inspired by the brand’s exclusive statement piece, the Burlesque – a fridge and freezer combo with a burgundy and snakeskin interior, of which only 13 models were produced. Yes, you read that right: Forget stainless steel—the new luxury kitchen material is snake.

“The snakeskin detail on the interior brought our imagination to an arid desert environment, and from there our concept expanded,” says Wearstler House Beautiful of her vision. “We started with a modernist frame – cavernous and embedded in the natural rocky environment – and created architecture that would blur the transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces.”


Envisioned in the desert of Southern California, the virtual kitchen boasts a color palette “driven by the neutral tones of the rocks and sand, which allowed the rich burgundy tones of the refrigerator to pop like a piece of jewelry, ” says Wearstler.

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Not only is the device a work of art, but it has several high-tech features, including trinity cooling that allows you to manage the temperatures within three zones, a frame made of more than 650 LEDs, and a waist-level control panel for easy operation. The virtual kitchen also has a JennAir 48-inch commercial range, a double wall oven and a dishwasher.

Wearstler previously had a design virtual concept kitchen around JennAir’s Smoke & Brass range which emphasized muted colors, polished brass and stark black contrast. “They’re statement pieces, and as such, they’re focal points,” Wearstler says of the brand’s limited-edition devices. “When designing, it’s important to start with your source material, which can be a very special family heirloom or in these cases, standout appliances that bring a special element to the kitchen.”

kitchen in the desert


Wearstler’s work with JennAir often tests the boundaries of what a kitchen space can be. “The brand encourages the industry to break away from the status quo, which is in line with my design ethos to constantly evolve and push boundaries,” says the designer.

view from the kitchen


While Wearstler tends to stay away from trends, she currently sees new builds and renovations moving away from open-plan kitchens. As for what’s next, she emphasizes that kitchens are often entertaining hubs that require exciting design. “I love choosing an exciting material, like a stone or marble, and seeing how it covers many surfaces,” she says. “Or in the case of this concept, a device that really makes a statement.”

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