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Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas – Point2 News

It’s that time of year again, and as the big day approaches, even the grumpiest Grinches and Scrooges can’t help but feel the tingle of Christmas! If you haven’t decorated the outside of your home yet, fear not. We have come up with a host of ideas to make your home and garden sparkle with festive spirit.

Deck the porch with branches of holly

Holly has been used to decorate homes since the days of ancient Romans and Druids, and is a Christmas decoration that will never go out of style. The spiky evergreen leaves and red berries instantly spell Christmas cheer. Garlands of holly, fir and pine cones wrapped around your porch are both a simple and timeless DIY decoration that will make your home look ready for the holiday season.

Outdoor Christmas tree

Image: Artem Kniaz / Shutterstock.com

There are no rules to having two Christmas trees. Yes, we checked. So this year, why not have a separate Christmas tree in your garden? There is still time to pick up a potted fir tree or even an evergreen shrub, such as false cypress, yew, American Arborvitae or juniper. Once decorated, it will add a real festive touch to your garden and can even become a year-round fixture if you plant it in the ground. We can’t guarantee that Santa will leave presents under both trees, but it’s worth a try.

A lawn of festive gnomes

There’s something about garden gnomes that makes you think of Christmas even in the summer. Maybe it’s the knowing smiles, pointy hats and white beards that make them look like miniature versions of Santa Claus. So even if your garden doesn’t have a host of gnomes throughout the year, letting them take over your lawn at Christmas should be a must. And if you’re feeling creative, you can also use it to build a miniature Christmas village.

A trio of vibrant colors

blue green and gold color combination for Christmas decorations

Image: Studioschastie / Shutterstock.com

Nothing says Christmas like the red and green color combination. But we promise that breaking away from the traditional color scheme won’t land you on Santa’s naughty list. So if you’re feeling a little bold, try adding a touch of gold or orange to your palette. For a retro look, muted colors like mint green, vintage pink and snow white are a perfect choice. Or, for a porch that really stands out, a mix of blue, gold and white is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Light it up

With the darkest month of the year in full swing, you’ll need plenty of light to keep the winter blues at bay. So bring out the garlands of fairy lights, string lights, star lights, LED string lights, and let them take over your garden. The secret to avoiding a tacky look is to keep it simple and cohesive. Strings of lights with different shapes, but a similar color will look much more stylish than an RGB display so bright you can see it from the North Pole.

Cozy on the deck

cozy Christmas decoration for porch

Image: IraBagmet / Shutterstock.com

Just because temperatures drop below freezing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy hanging out on your patio. With some sheepskins on the chairs and benches, some fluffy blankets, a stack of decorative sticks and some candles in the garden lanterns, your porch will become a cozy corner, perfect for enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.

Edible decorations for birds

Christmas is a time for giving. Although it may not seem like it, your garden is still home to many wild birds that need a little care over the cold season. Try decorating your shrubs with strings of dried fruit slices, such as apple, pear and orange, or make Christmas decorations from suet and birdseed. These ornaments are perfect if you want to spread the festive cheer in an eco-friendly way.

Natural cliffs

Christmas wreath on front door

Image: Charlene Bayerle / Shutterstock.com

No Christmas decoration is complete without at least one wreath on the door. You can keep it simple with a classic pine tree, pine cone, red berries and ribbon garland, or go for a new and unique look. Dried magnolia leaves are a beautiful substitute for evergreen branches, especially if you add some poinsettia flowers to the mix. Or you can mix rustic and exotic with a wreath of pine, dried orange slices and peels, cinnamon sticks and even candy canes.

Reuse and rebuild

A few hurricane lamps filled with Christmas baubles and fairy lights will instantly give your porch and steps a warm, inviting atmosphere. Bring that old sled out of your shed, paint it red and green, and you’ve got yourself a rustic outdoor coffee table, perfect for your cozy deck. Do you have any empty plant baskets left over from the summer? Simply fill them with evergreen sprigs, baubles and tinsel and turn them into hanging wreath pots.

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