Pune firm seeks to make interior design services affordable, functional

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Pune firm seeks to make interior design services affordable, functional

People tend to associate interior design with the rich and the rich, but a company in Pune is changing that mindset and making the service accessible to the middle-class population.

“Our view is that art and design are important factors in making a home that is livable. We focus on aspirational homes, and we want people to move away from the idea that interior designers are unaffordable and only for the elite. Founding of Imagination Inc. “We want to create an attitude among people that interior design matters, no matter how big your home is,” said Shriya Kolte, People and CIO.

The Pune-based design studio’s solution to traditional thinking is to take proactive steps to bring design to potential clients. One of its main initiatives is to enable people to utilize all of the company’s designs, free consultations and learn about interior design need. “We are taking steps to expand our reach and focus on conversion rates. A large percentage of people are afraid to even approach designers for fear of what we will charge,” Kolte said.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic and the global economy, India’s real estate market has remained healthy in both the residential and commercial sectors. “India is projected to become the world’s third largest real estate market by 2030,” Andlay Estates founder Abhishiekh Andlay wrote in Construction Week.

Imagination Inc is built on technical knowledge. The company has introduced systems into homes where actions from turning on a geyser to adjusting the temperature in a home can be performed from a tablet, even before a person arrives home. For some customers, the company has installed base lights if children or the elderly want to use the restroom at night. In one store, they used touchscreens and communication-based applications that guarantee a convenient experience to customers.

The pandemic has increased demand for companies like Imagination Inc, as people start to prefer multipurpose spaces because they spend a lot of time at home. A client of Imagination Inc lives in Mumbai and wanted a bedroom that doubles as a children’s play area. The company uses a rollaway bed that, once folded, frees up space for kids to run around. “There’s a lot of research on this, about how to get the mechanics and designs right,” Kolte said, adding that the studio has completed more than 300 homes and will expand to other countries.

Imagination Inc has a wide range of clients ranging from 1-BHK residents to duplex owners to those running boutiques and shops. “A home has to be functional and with exciting wallpapers and laminates on the market, it doesn’t have to be unaffordable,” Kolte added.


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