Rose Smith, a resident of Sebewaing, starts refinsihing furniture business and does it all at her own home.

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Rose Smith, a resident of Sebewaing, starts refinsihing furniture business and does it all at her own home.

Rose Smith, owner of the home-based renovation business, loves her job and is passionate about refurbishing and refurbishing home furnishings.

Remakes at fifth began years back after Smith dealt with a nagging injury. Before starting the business, she worked as a court reporter for 20 years, but had to quit after an injury prevented her from returning to work. That’s when the business started, and the idea came to life.

“I’ve always been creative,” Smith said. “I had a dresser at my grandmother’s that I wanted to refinish, and it turned out pretty well. My neighbor then asked me to do the same for some stuff they had, and I thought “maybe I’m onto something here”.

Soon after, Smith began attending estate sales and the Port Austin Farmers Market to buy and sell pieces that she refurbished over time. After hearing about it and word of mouth traveling, people started bringing Smith pieces to finish.

“The farmers market really started it all,” Smith said. “That’s when I started applying to shows to be a vendor and sell pieces that I was working on.”

Smith once worked at an upscale furniture store in Saginaw and said it helped her have a wandering eye when looking for furniture. She can always see the potential in an item.

“I don’t really care cosmetically what they look like,” Smith said. “I do look for good quality brands that have good legs. Something that simply needs to be fixed, like sanding or painting.”

Many of the pieces Smith works on include antique wardrobes and buffets. She even worked on chairs, bar stools and other furniture. Although she has worked on her own projects, most of what she works on are custom pieces that people from all over the state want done.

“I get a lot of local people like that from the Unionville-Sebewaing area,” Smith said. “I also get a lot of people from the metro Detroit area who have cottages here in the thumb.”

Smith has had the opportunity to place some of her work in consignment shops and farmers markets in the area, including Retiqued. She hopes to place more of her pieces she works on for herself in more stores like this one.

“I would love to find another consignment shop,” Smith said. “I will continue to go to the Port Austin Farmers Market because people look for me there, which I appreciate.”

This weekend, Saturday, August 20, Smith is hosting her annual sale. Pieces will range from chairs and bar stools to dressers and tables. From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at her own home at 467 S. Fifth St. in Sebewaing, Smith will sell her refined pieces, including some dressers, tables and chairs.

“I learned so much along the way,” Smith said. “After I couldn’t work physically, I wanted to be a productive person. It’s something I enjoy, and I get a lot of compliments on it. I love it, it’s hard work. I’m going to do it as long as I can, and I’ve had the great help of my daughter and husband to help me along the way.”

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