Should you put a rug in a dorm room? 4 ways to style rugs

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Should you put a rug in a dorm room? 4 ways to style rugs

Moving into a dorm room can be a daunting prospect, and making it your own can make the difference between a simple study space and a home away from home. To warm up the space, you may be wondering if you should put a rug in a dorm room—the answer may depend on your situation and your style.

In interior design, a rug is considered one of the most important decorating ideas, helping to tie a space together for a complete look. While this is the case in dorm room ideas also, decorated with carpets can add more tasks to your to-do list to maintain a clean and tidy room.

Here we’ve looked at both sides of a dorm room rug so you can decide whether the use of a carpet in interior design for a hostel is a good idea for you or not.

Should you put a rug in a dorm room?

Bedroom carpet ideas helps warm up a space and provides a soft, cozy surface for your feet first thing in the morning when you get up early for class. In small bedroom ideas, rugs are also the perfect choice for adding color, texture and visual interest to a space that might otherwise be plain or dull. With the standard dorm room often painted in plain beige and white colors, adding color through a rug is also one of the most convenient ways to make a bedroom look nice with no damage to walls.

However, bedrooms, unlike your home bedroom, present a unique set of challenges. When you decide which looks good in a dorm room, there are often two people’s tastes and interests to consider. Because you’re unlikely to know your dorm roommate until moving day, choosing a rug before you move can cause conflict if it’s something your roommate doesn’t like the look or feel of.

Furthermore, unless you are spiffed up on you cleaning tipsknowing how to clean an area rug is an essential skill needed to maintain a clean room. Since college dorm rooms can quickly become cluttered if you focus on studies and fun over everyday maintenance, adding a rug can add tasks to your already long and relatively new list of responsibilities.

Whether or not you add a rug to your dorm room will ultimately depend on how much you want to cover the floor in your dorm room to make the space your own, your relationship with your roommate, and whether you’re willing to at least semi- -regular to maintain general room hygiene

How to choose a carpet for a residence

Bedroom with double bed with brown and white bedding next to sliding frame with gray blinds, wooden floor.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

When it comes to choosing a carpet for a dorm room, you should always consider the opinions of your roommate/s. Whether you choose a rug that covers the entire floor or just a small rug around your bed will depend on their thoughts and opinions about the space and how they want it to feel – it’s also their home away from home.

Consider the colors that already exist in the space. Usually, institutional rooms use plain colors, so choosing a carpet color will help set a scheme for your room that you can complement with bedding, other soft furnishings and decor pieces.

The final consideration when choosing a rug for a dorm room is deciding on the pile. High-pile mats such as shag rugs or fur rugs are soft but can collect dirt and dust more easily and can be difficult to clean. Low-pile rugs may not feel as soft underfoot, but are easier to maintain, have the same warm qualities as high-pile rugs, and are more convenient for moving things like desk chairs around the room if needed to study.

How to use a rug in a dorm room

If carpeting a dorm room is for you, there are a few ways to add carpeting for the best effect.

1. Put a rug in a dorm room for warmth

A children's bedroom with white walls, blue painted accents and a chair in the shape of a baseball mitt

(Image credit: Carrier and Company/Tim Lenz)

Adding a rug isn’t just about decor, it’s about functionality. ‘Most importantly, choose a material that provides warmth underfoot,’ advises Jodie Hatton, design manager Brintons (opens in new tab). ‘Wool is an excellent choice because of its natural insulating properties. Wool carpets are also excellent at absorbing sound and preventing it from traveling into the rooms below.’

Natural rugs are also ideal when it comes to keeping your dorm room clean, Jodie adds, although he knows how to clean a wool rug is recommended for spills and occasional cleaning. ‘The natural oils in the sheep’s wool also make it extremely easy to maintain, as it prevents direct dirt from sticking to the fibre.’

2. Use a rug in a dorm room to add color

Should I put a rug in a dorm room?

(Image credit: Future)

Adding color to a temporary space like a dorm room is often not as simple as repainting the walls and ceiling, so adding a rug is the ideal opportunity to add color to the space and make it your own. For example, if your dorm room is white or painted in a cool tone, warm up the space with a warm-colored floor covering to channel cozy room ideas – perfect for late nights studying or relaxing after a long day.

“Similar to how dark walls can transform a small room or a patterned wallpaper can bring interest to an otherwise dull space, a patterned rug is an inspired way to make a feature of a smaller room,” goes Jodie on. ‘It can help add interest and character to the room. Patterned rugs are also perfect for high-traffic areas, such as hallways, as they easily hide dirt.

‘To create a balanced scheme, it’s important to consider the composition of the colors and patterns you combine, as too much can easily overwhelm a scheme. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to pick just a few colors and run them throughout the carpet scheme,’ adds Jodie.

3. Consider a rug in a dorm room for visual interest

Holiday-style guest bedroom with curtains and metal frame beds.

(Image credit: Jon Day)

Institutional rooms are often very bland, decorated to move students in and out quickly over the years. Adding rugs is an ideal way to add visual interest and make your room stand out from others in your halls. ‘Round rugs create a sense of warmth, depth and textural emphasis when laid over carpets, wooden floorboards or ceramic floor tiles,’ explains Jodie. ‘This is an opportunity to introduce a bold color or pattern to your space. The unexpected shape of the carpet will give an artistic aesthetic to the room.’

‘For anyone who is pattern-averse, I recommend starting small with patterned pillows, a rug, an accent chair, you name it. It’s all about the details, and adding eye-catching patterns from the pattern is the real secret to breathing some life into a room!’ introduce famous interior designer, Jay Jeffers (opens in new tab).

4. Layer rugs in a dorm room to add character

Children's bedroom in the attic with 2 single beds with mustard yellow throws and carpet.

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

If you’ve decided to add rugs to your dorm room, consider placing several rugs for a colorful and textured statement that can work to match your and your roommate’s tastes.

‘Both practical and playful, layered rugs are a beautiful way to make a design statement that is uniquely individual and allow you to express your creativity by pairing different colors and patterns. By linking rugs together, the combination also illustrates their different weaves and prints,’ says Jodie.

What is the best carpet for a dorm room?

The best carpet for a dorm room is a flat-woven carpet because it is light, easy to care for, and easily rolled up and moved when it comes to moving out at the end of the school year.

Are shag rugs good for dorms?

Shag rugs can be good for specific cold dorms if the extra thickness is needed to make the space feel warmer underfoot, but high-pile rugs are difficult to maintain and show wear faster in high-traffic areas. like a dorm room, so it’s better to choose a low-pile carpet if possible.

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