Simple Faux Pumpkin Decor Activities For Moms & Daughters

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Simple Faux Pumpkin Decor Activities For Moms & Daughters

Now that fall is finally here, it’s the perfect time for mom/daughter craft activities, and faux pumpkins are the way to go. Fall decor isn’t complete without pumpkins and with a little guidance you’ll see how versatile they really can be. Fake pumpkins are a very versatile decoration and can be easily displayed inside or outside the home. Real pumpkins have to be seeded and hollowed out, which isn’t pretty, and they’ll probably rot before it’s time to take out the Christmas decorations.

Faux pumpkins eliminate all that mess and can be used year after year. Depending on the age of your daughter, the two of you can make some really professional crafts very simply, but no matter what, the time spent together creating decor is priceless. Faux pumpkins can be found just about anywhere this time of year, but the dollar store is the best place to go.

You can get a ton of them for cheap and have a lot of fun turning them into the ultimate fall decor. Here are 10 simple but cute faux pumpkin decor activities perfect for mom and daughter.

10/10 Chalkboard Pumpkin

Paint your faux foam pumpkins with black chalkboard paint, and once dry, your daughter can draw and write to her heart’s content. Chalkboard paint is found at every craft store and Pint Sized Treasures has a great tutorial to help you out. They use spray paint and after drying, the pumpkin must be prepared with chalkwiped, and then it’s ready to go.

Painting faux pumpkins is an easy way to make an inexpensive pumpkin look chic. Dollar store foam pumpkins can be spray painted with metallic paint. Use masking tape to create designs on your pumpkins, such as stripes. Just the Bees Knees demonstrates three ways to make a fancy metal pumpkin that you can make with your daughter.

8/10 Glam Pumpkins

If your daughter is a little older, this mock pumpkin design is a must-try. From Jay Munee DIY, these pumpkins are also from the dollar store and are decorated with modeling clay stems, painted and designed with glitter, floral paper or beads. The results are stunning and a perfect display for any mantel or shelf.

7/10 Confetti Mod Podge Pumpkin

This craft calls for white pumpkins and mod podge. If your daughter is old enough to use a paint brush, she is old enough for this activity. You can use real pumpkins, but faux pumpkins can be used as decor for years to come. Cut out circles of tissue paper and mount them on a pumpkin in the chosen design. First, lightly brush mod podge onto the pumpkin and arrange tissue paper randomly. Cover with more mod podge, and spread all over the pumpkin to finish.

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6/10 Pumpkin Topiary

Outdoor designs that represent fall are great and a pumpkin topiary is a great mother/daughter activity. All you need for one topiary is three different sized pumpkins, a plastic planter, a glue gun, and some fake leaves, hay, or any other plant-like decor you like to accompany your pumpkins. The Magnolia Housewife has the tutorial, and she spray paints her pumpkins for a sleek, realistic look.

5/10 Pumpkins With Leaves

This faux pumpkin activity is cute and oh so simple. Start with a mother-daughter walk outside as the leaves start to fall from the trees. Each of you can pick your favorites, but make sure you have enough to cover however many faux pumpkins you have. Stick them on your pumpkins in any design you like. An example can be found here.

4/10 Mercury Glass Pumpkins

Again, all you need here are dollar store foam pumpkins, the right kind of paint, and a little patience. It’s perfect for moms with older daughters who like shiny things. The first step is to top your pumpkin with white using two layers. The pumpkins are then painted gray, followed by clear spray paint (optional), and finally sprayed with a half water/half vinegar solution followed by metallic spray paint. Vanessa Vendetti explains how to dab the pumpkin with a paper towel to get the right effect.

3/10 Buttery pumpkins

Using large faux pumpkins, you and your daughter can use black construction paper to cut out bats with stencils or a Cricut to make precise cuts. It is then attached to your pumpkin. Use a variety of bat sizes and apply them with mod podge or hot glue gun sticks. It All Started with Paint has this simple Halloween themed activity perfect for kids of all ages that will be spooky and fun.

2/10 Pumpkin lanterns

Real House Moms drill holes in fake pumpkins of a variety of sizes and string small lights through to make pumpkin lanterns. The results make subtle light either inside or outside the house for fall. This one does involve using a drill, but it’s still simple enough for a mother-daughter pumpkin decorating activity.

1/10 Faux Pumpkin Succulent Planter

This pumpkin decor will look great on your front steps and welcome all your guests. You can use a real pumpkin, but a large faux one will do just as well. The pumpkin needs to be hollowed out, and then you simply fill it with dirt and whatever succulents or fall plants you choose. Simply Handmade has a simple tutorial for this magnificent decor.

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