Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Remodeling a bathroom – even a small one – can seem like a high cost. But it is possible to completely transform your bathroom on a limited budget. From simply repainting your vanity cabinets and sourcing decor on Facebook Marketplace to using porcelain tiles to mimic marble, the options are seemingly endless. Ahead, browse genius ideas designers have used for their clients’ bathrooms that are sure to inspire your own spa makeover. And if you need extra guidance through the process, we’ve got you covered with bathroom renovation and remodeling tips straight from the pros.

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“While we originally envisioned one single mirror with a hand-finished brass finish, it would have been too large to even fit in the house,” says Swabb. “Instead, we decided to save a little money by doing four separate mirrors with beveled edges which turned out to be one of our favorite design details.”

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Front: ’90s Desert Tuscan

Designer Bari Ackerman describes the previous state of this bathroom as ’90s desert Tuscan. “It had a walk-in shower with heavy beige tiles and a brown steam shower that didn’t work,” says Ackerman. “Not only was it dark and dated, but it also turned out the shower had been installed incorrectly so it absolutely needed to be fixed.”

Ackerman updated the bathroom with a pink-and-orange palette for a modern twist on Art Deco style. A small budget-friendly upgrade with a big impact is the patterned shade that the designer added to the window.

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Front: Kitschy Nautical

With lighthouse wallpaper trim and sponge-painted walls, this blue-and-white nautical-themed bathroom looked like something left over from the ’90s. Blogger and designer Victoria Ford aimed to give it a more refined feel.


After: Refined Nautical

Facebook Marketplace finds—including a trough sink and vintage vanity—give the bathroom character and helped keep the project on budget.

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Before: stuffy NYC bathroom

Like most New York City apartments, this Brooklyn bathroom has minimal square footage and not much inviting character. The client called in designer Delia Kenza to give it a dreamy makeover with a clever adjustment of the layout, a thoughtful palette and the right finishing touches.

“The client came to me to have travertine, but sometimes when you’re on a budget, the travertine you get looks very pink,” explains Kenza. “And we wanted the neutral color.” The designer settled on porcelain with a slightly stony texture that adds subtle dimension. A custom travertine sink meets her client’s need for travertine.

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Front: Old Rustic Tuscan

The heaviness of the Tuscan theme in this bathroom was too much for the homeowners. Designer therefore Priya McCulloch gave it an airy makeover with two requirements: The project had to be budget-friendly (the cost of the bathroom was roughly under $35,000) and the bathroom had to be low-maintenance and easy to clean.


After: Light Tuscan inspiration

McCulloch kept costs down by including high-quality porcelain tiles to mimic marble, a walk-in-style shower without a door, and recycling travertine tiles from the home’s previous kitchen renovation that went into the new bathroom floor.

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Before: Dim environment

This bathroom in a Brooklyn townhouse was very dull and devoid of any character. “The client wanted to bring a personal feel to the bathroom without making it feel too modern,” says designer Eneia White.

White gave the 150-square-foot space a dynamic mix of texture, pattern, and color in a moody pink, black, and white palette. The floor tiles double as art, so no additional decor is needed against the soft rose colored walls.

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The Toledo Geller design team was hired to turn a spare room and a small bathroom into a Moroccan oasis with many functional details hidden beneath the design.


After: Moroccan-inspired bathroom

For a subtle yet textural element, the room’s ceiling is covered in a Moroccan plaster finish known as “tadelakt,” which the homeowner—a retired woodworker and avid DIYer—actually painted himself. “We went through some color swatches with him, picked the tone, and then he got a kit and watched a YouTube tutorial,” says Geller.

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Front: bare and neutral

It can’t get more boring than this bathroom. The only redeeming quality might be the tropical print towel, but the rest needed a major update.


After: Colorful and vibrant

A simple coat of teal paint on the cabinets and brass hardware boosted the energy in this bathroom from Old Brand New. Gold framed prints and a colorful rug make for easy additions that can definitely be sourced in a budget-friendly way, whether through online retailers or Facebook Marketplace.

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