Someone asked Dall-E 2 to make Apple Car, the results are stunning

by decwells
Someone asked Dall-E 2 to make Apple Car, the results are stunning

A YouTuber and designer asked AI to generate an Apple Car concept, and the results were astounding.

As reported by Yanko Design, YouTuber John Mauriello told Dall-E 2 to create the Apple Car concept, using “a minimalist sports car inspired by the MacBook and Magic Mouse, made of aluminum and glass” with text cues and inspiration from Apple. Renowned designer Jonny Ive. Without mentioning Apple in the prompt, Mauriello let the Dall-E 2 create a rather sleek and stunning sports car that looks like every bit of it is part of the Apple Car.

As you can see, the concept has the hues of the Ferrari 312p prototypes of the late 60s, with a Jaguar E-type with sprinkles to create something that wouldn’t have looked out of place around Le Mans 50 years ago.

Although we almost certainly know that Apple is working on an electric car. We really know very little about this car, and even less about its underlying design. Apple is rumored to be planning a self-driving electric car that could be more expensive than Tesla. But will Apple lean towards a functional family car in the style of a Tesla Model Y or some kind of stylish performance car? Of course, knowing Apple, a car aimed at functionality and practicality seems more in line with the company’s ethos than a car made purely for driving pleasure and design, but given Apple’s design philosophy, I think you might would think the opposite might be true.

The concept is a testament to both the power of artificial intelligence that has swept the internet in recent months, as well as Apple’s plans for a future foray into the auto industry.

Let’s hope that if Apple did take any design cues from the Magic Mouse, it wouldn’t include the incredibly inconvenient charging port beneath it.

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