The Fastest-Growing Gifting Business in America

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The Fastest-Growing Gifting Business in America

RESTON, VA / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2021 / Since Vice President Kamala Harris took office, appreciation and celebration of Asian cultures has become more dominant in America. As a result, people want to celebrate parties with Asian themes. E-commerce store and gift solutions company Desi Favors has exploded in popularity and become the fastest growing gift business in the US.

Desi Favors is a business that started in 2017 and has gradually become a party favorite in the Asian community and other groups. The company celebrates the South Asian community and culture and enables others to do the same by bringing parties and gift ideas that showcase Indian traditions and events. The online store offers a variety of goodies with a Southeast Asian theme that has since attracted many customers.

What makes Desi Favors the best choice for those looking to spice up their Asian-themed parties is its wide variety of product choices, as they ensure that they have something new to offer to their wide variety of customers every time. Their products exude a rich quality that brings the best of Asian cultures to backyard parties, corporate events, Indian-themed weddings, and more. Desi Favors also aims to be an eco-friendly supplier by offering products that customers can use multiple times. It specifically advocates the use of reusable decorations as an alternative to fresh flowers. In parts of South America, the US and elsewhere, chrysanthemum and rose production has been shown to have several adverse effects on the environment. As an alternative, Desi Favors offers a range of natural shola wood flowers that look and feel very similar to the real thing and are not thrown away.

Other products on Desi Favors’ online store include a set of DIY decoration lines from Indian and Southeast Asian rural areas that have also been a source of income for underprivileged families in third world countries. It also provides return gifts and gift boxes for various Indian festivals, parties, traditional events and other family and business celebrations. The various Diwali gifts have become a favorite among companies that give these Asian-themed gifts to celebrate and recognize an ethnically diverse workplace. The online gift shop’s range of DIY children’s products teaches younger generations Indian culture and traditions.

Since it started in 2017, Desi Favors has grown exponentially every year, achieving five times the revenue of the previous year at the close of each business period. In 2021, the company seems to be growing tenfold with the world slowly going back to parties and events.

The key to Desi Favors’ success is their attention to detail when it comes to quality of their products, packaging and customer service/follow-up, as evident by the abundance of customer reviews found on their website or other sales channels/platforms.

As it grows, Desi Favors tries to pay kindness forward by sourcing more fabrics, decorations and gift items from other small and remote villages in countries like India. In addition, the company seems an important social enterprise to promote South Asian culture in developed countries and provide income to more rural areas in Asian countries. Desi Favors recently expanded into the Australian market with their launch in July.

More than a gift shop, Desi Favors is a way to celebrate diversity, culture and traditions. Learn more about the online store by viewing the store Instagram profile.


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Phone: 1-833-DESIFAVORS(1-833-337-4328)

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