This Lamborghini-inspired superyacht produces 4,000 hp

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This Lamborghini-inspired superyacht produces 4,000 hp

Lamborghini 63 is powered by two 24-liter twin-turbo diesel engines that produce a combined power output of 3,942 hp.

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21 Sep 2022, 16:35

Lamborghini 63 was inspired by the Sian hypercar.

The first unit of Tecnomar’s Lamborghini 63 Superyacht has been delivered in Miami. The motorboat was made as a tribute to Lamborghini and it takes design inspiration from Lamborghini’s Sian FKP 37 supercar. The manufacturer will make only 63 units of the superyacht. The delivery was announced by the Italian Sea Group, a global luxury boat operator active in the construction and refit of motor yachts.

The superyacht was made to celebrate 63 years of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s founding of the company. The yacht is also 63 feet or 20.42 meters in length and 17 feet 9 inches or 5.4 meters in width. It weighs a massive 24,000 kg.

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The idea behind creating such a yacht is to combine the performance of small boats with the luxury of a yacht. This means that the Lamborghini 63 needs a powerful engine. In fact, it gets two twin-turbocharged V12 diesel engines. The displacement of one engine is a massive 24 liters. The total power output of the engines is rated at 3,942 hp, which means that the output per liter of the engine is 164 hp. The maximum speed of the Lamborghini 63 is 60 knots or 111 km/h. It does feel a little low when you know that the Sian supercar can reach a top speed of 350 km/h on the road. The yacht comes with a massive 3,600 liter fuel tank.

To extract the most performance, there are adjustable flaps that allow changing the trim or the running angle of the boat. The roof of the yacht was particularly enlarged to improve aerodynamics and provide shade for the occupants. The instrument console on the yacht was inspired by Lamborghini’s supercars. There is also a lot of carbon fiber texture throughout the console. Customers will be able to choose from an extensive list of color options and colors. The interior is presented in two versions.

First published date: 21 Sep 2022, 16:35 IST


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