Three North Shore Shops Offer Up Interior Design Inspiration

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Three North Shore Shops Offer Up Interior Design Inspiration

If taught in the past two years What we do, they certainly underscore the importance of our home. Home has always been where the heart is—along with home, work, meals, and safety. While local interior designers are taking on more work than ever, they are also starting to appreciate our home’s new role as the most precious space we have.

Three trusted North Shore interior designers – Gina Baran, Holly Gagne and Linda Reilly Newall – have all displayed their sense of design and favourites in their store. An extension of the design firm, the brick-and-mortar store helps customers understand what they really like, or don’t like.

“I don’t use anything in our store even in my own home,” says Gina Baran. For a beautiful home that combines comfort with elegant design, head to one of these stores for inspiration.

Gina Baran Interiors + Design

Gina Baran, The Baran House

On Pleasant Street in Newburyport, Gina Baran’s store, Baran Home, sells a hand-picked selection of homewares. Baran only sells the items she uses in her own designs, ethically sourced from around the world, and maintains relationships with fair trade suppliers.

While Gina Baran Interiors + Design is a full-service design firm that “specializes in new construction, major renovations, and full home furnishing,” Baran says the store offers customers only taste and is ideal for those looking to decorate a room or The two go at their own pace. Visitors to the store can chat with a clerk for one-on-one design help, whether they’re redecorating a living room and need guidance, they’re looking for some decorating advice, or they just want to come in and see what the fuss is about.

“Baran Home is really a way to achieve an approachable designer look,” says Baran. She found inspiration for her designs from her family’s Italian hometown and her trips to Mexico, which she calls “a refreshing take on a modern coast”. In her store, you’ll find a great selection of neutral shades and fun textures from her favorite suppliers and artisans.

Baran said she was honored to think of the lifelong memories her family made in the room she designed. “It always gives me goosebumps to think about their stories and how we got involved,” she said.

49 Pleasant St., Newburyport, 617-564-3746,

Linda Riley Newall, Environment

At Surroundings Home Furnishings & Interior Design in Marblehead, Linda Reilly Newall showcases some of her current favorite fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and accessories. However, after more than 30 years in the industry, the folks at Surroundings can find just about anything their clients might be looking for. “We have access to a number of resources that allow us to create the type of home you want to live in,” Newall said.

Textile selection is one of Surroundings’ specialties, and there’s no better way to discover the textiles that can take your room to the next level than by seeing and touching it in person.

The surroundings also showcase a selection of rugs, lighting and furniture.

“I love what I do because it’s always different — there’s always a new challenge to help you grow,” says Newall, who describes satisfied clients as one of the biggest benefits of the job. Newall says she remains patient and creative as she navigates the current challenges facing the industry, such as supply chain issues and the ongoing pandemic. “The main lesson from the past two years is that customer service has been the key to success,” she said.

96 Washington Street, Marblehead, 781-639-0676, Environment Interior

Holly Gagne, Holly Gagne Studio + Store

At Holly Gagne’s interior design firm, her team has a solid foundation in the big picture – building technology and interior architecture. But when it comes to the little details that make up a home, developing trust among her clients is critical to Gagne. “Keeping our clients calm, informed and supportive during times of stress is just as important to us as a successful design program,” she said.

Holly Gagne of Holly Gagne Studio + Shop.Photo by Jared Charney

According to Gagne, there’s no better way for clients to connect with her sense of design than by visiting her studio in Rowley or Camden, Maine. “Great design creates an emotional response, and we can really feel the initial consistency when our customers visit our store,” she said. Ultimately, the harmony of design sensibilities will solidify the trust between client and designer and make the process smooth.

Drawing inspiration from organic materials and natural light, Gagne cites the calming and grounding benefits of being immersed in nature that she loves to incorporate into her home designs (and her own). “When I need to retreat, I always turn to nature. … This is the state of Maine in my heart,” she said, describing some of her design pillars as “simplicity” and “earth-made authenticity” Material”.

While her industry has had its ups and downs over the past two years, Gagne remains focused on the positives, learning to research her own priorities and slow down. “The good news is that we’re all learning the practice of patience and letting go of things,” she said, “especially things that are less important than our larger health and well-being.”

136 Dr. Finno, Raleigh, 978-432-1337; 58 Bay View St., Camden, Maine,

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