Vertagear Pink Hero Office Gaming Chair PL1000

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Vertagear Pink Hero Office Gaming Chair PL1000

A high-quality office chair can make a day better. Working 8 hours a day, mostly in front of a computer, chairs designed for extended comfort make things more bearable. I was always looking for something more supportive considering my prone back pain. When Vertagear contacted us to ask if we wanted to try out their PL1000 Pink Hero Edition gaming chair, we were very excited to see what it had to offer.

Vertagear PL1000 Pink Hero Gaming Chair is easy to assemble

Vertagear PL1000 Pink Hero Gaming Chair

When I walked into the office last week, a giant box appeared next to my desk, which I can only assume is my new Vertagear gaming chair or a small car. Luckily for me, it’s the former, so I started building it pretty quickly.

It packs all the components individually in the box and clearly explains how to put them together. First, it lets you attach the gas lift bars, then the wheels, and finally, you slide the back support into the seat and screw in a few side screws to hold everything in place. It also includes all the necessary tools and hardware so you don’t have to run to the garage to build it. Very simple, it only took about thirty minutes from unboxing to assembly.

Editor’s Note: Not all office and home furniture have easy-to-understand instructions. Salute to you, Vertagear!

Vertagear PL1000 Pink Hero Gaming Chair Adjustability

Sitting on this Vertagear Gaming Chair PL1000, my first thought was “How far is this baby leaning back?” The answer was a whole lot! The slightly more technical answer is enough to take a nap or install a TV in the ceiling. My previous mesh office chair didn’t have any reclining back, so this is a welcome change.

Vertagear Gaming Chair PL1000 Fully Reclined

There’s also a lever on the right side of the seat that lets you recline the backrest. Like any good office chair, there is a handle on the bottom that allows you to adjust the height and swivel of the seat.

The arms also feature height adjustment, each with its own lever. I like that the arms of my chair are low enough to fit comfortably under the table, but high enough that I can still rest my arms on it when I’m not actively working. I was able to easily reach the halfway point on both sides.

Vertagear PL1000 Pink Hero Gaming Chair Comfortable

Vertagear PL1000 Pink Hero Gaming Chair

The Vertagear PL1000 gaming chair has built-in lumbar support, which comes in handy when you’re sitting most of the time. Memory foam neck pillows are also something I find myself using most of the time. It’s removable and adjustable, with elastic straps to hold it in place so you can put it in the most comfortable position.

Vertagear also designed this chair with a wide seat, which is made of double-layer mixed foam. It doesn’t have the most comfortable cushioning in the world, but it certainly isn’t uncomfortable anyway. In fact, it’s one of the more comfortable office/gaming chairs I’ve ever used. Additionally, the Pink Hero Edition helps benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, so you have the opportunity to help those affected by breast cancer.

Five 360° rolling casters make it easy to roll around the office when we have a panel discussion on the latest training or any trend in power tools.

In terms of fit, this model is recommended for those who weigh no more than 240 lbs and are no taller than 6’2″.

Prices and Breast Cancer Support

The Vertagear Pink Hero Edition PL1000 Gaming Chair is $259.99 directly from Vertagear’s website. Through September 14, 2022, Vertagear will donate 20% of the model’s retail sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in support of their mission to find a cure for breast cancer.

bottom line

I can definitely see that the Vertagear PL1000 will last for years, and I’m certainly happier with my desk life than before. Adjustability and comfort are very welcome and your purchase supports a great cause.

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