What Fall Treat Should You Bake?

by decwells
What Fall Treat Should You Bake?

I’ve never been much of a baker, but as soon as fall hits, I want to bake! Baking creates a sensory experience that makes me feel so cozy. It fills me with nostalgia even though I’m not the greatest baker. I like to bake things that don’t require too many steps (like chilling…sugar cookies, eh) and are easy to make. I encourage you to make a sweet treat and share it with loved ones! Have a movie night, maybe make one of the soups in last year’s soup quiz, and enjoy a homemade dessert. It’s also nice to bake with someone! The results include links to recipes for the treats!

What aspect of fall are you most looking forward to?(Require)
You shop at a local farmers market, which candle do you choose?(Require)
You bake the recipe from this quiz and invite a friend over to share it. On which plate will you serve your dessert?(Require)
You host a cozy scary movie night. Which movie do you watch first?(Require)
You planned a fun day full of outdoor activities, but you woke up and the puzzle was wrong. You’re really itching to get out of the house. Which one of the days sounds best?(Require)

Choose a fall shoe:(Require)
You win a $100 gift card to a local store. It’s one of those little shops full of cute home decor and gifts. what are you buying(Require)
Which fall activity sounds best?(Require)

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