‘Xenoblade Chronicles 3’ teases a mind-blowing mashup of familiar worlds

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‘Xenoblade Chronicles 3’ teases a mind-blowing mashup of familiar worlds

Xenoblade Chronicles Have Has come a long way over the years, from the first game that required the localization of an entire fan event to now Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It’s one of Nintendo’s biggest releases of the year.Looking back at the history of the franchise years later, it’s really amazing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is doing. Even just at opening hours, the game’s aesthetic feels like some kind of weird mash-up of everything that came before, and I love it.

From the beginning, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Adopted a more somber tone than the previous two games. The world of Aionios is engulfed in an endless war between the two nations of Keves and Agnes. In this world, people only live for ten years in total, and their only goal in life is to help the war and collect the vitality of each other through something called a “flame clock”.

There’s something deeper to this premise, with Keves and Agnes taking explicit design inspiration from the last two games each. Keves soldiers wear armor similar to Bionis’ colonial soldiers, and the faces of their Ferronis vehicles look almost identical to Metalface’s original horrific appearance Xenoblade ChroniclesMeanwhile, Agnes’ army looks vaguely reminiscent of Mor Adan and Indoline Praetorium. Even more interesting – the High Entia people only appear in Agnes, and the Gormotti people only appear in Agnes.

Xenoblade 3’s protagonist Noah is a Keves “Off-Seer” whose job is to teleport the souls of dead soldiers. Nintendo

The same goes for the world of Aionios itself, with players starting in Colony 9, which should make a big difference for any Xenoblade fan. As you explore the world, there will be creatures from across the series, juxtaposed with a landscape similar to the first two games.Even the overall visual style of the game feels like a midpoint between the more realistic graphics Xenoblade 1 and anime style Xenoblade 2.

All of this adds some serious evidence to the theory that the worlds of the two games are coming together. Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and that was only the first two or three hours.Even mechanically, it feels like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Lessons from the first two games are being learned.

The affinity system is back, albeit more streamlined and has real rewards. Side quests feel more meaningful and fit into the main narrative.There’s also a career system that feels like an evolution of recruiting Blades Xenoblade 2. As you might expect from Xenoblade, there’s a lot to dig into in terms of combat and mechanics, but that’ll have to wait for a full review.

The world of Aionios feels like a surreal mash-up of previous Xenoblade games.Nintendo

As someone who has played the Xenoblade series since the beginning, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It’s a fascinating experience. The story obviously has some secrets that I expect to take dozens of hours to uncover, and the biggest takeaway is that, from a narrative and gameplay standpoint, this feels like the culmination of everything that came before.

It’s better than previous games in presentation and story, but it still suffers from some familiar problems — a ridiculously complex combat system and a sprawling map that requires a lot of errands. For better or worse, this is another Xenoblade game that should be more than enough for fans.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch on July 29, 2022.

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